No Software, No Plugin's video calling software works right out of the box using a modern browser. Using Google's Chrome or Mozilla's Firefox you can join a virtual room in the cloud. This virtual room will allow upto 8 participants to join by video or audio.

Browser is the new conference room

HTML5 is the leading standard created by the internet engineering task force. It ensures consitent user experience for website browsing across devices and across browsers. The latest HTML5 standards support capturing video camera and audio microphone which makes all the video calling software redundant. This HTML5 standard is called WebRTC and enables in-browser two-way video and audio communication. Browser is the new conference room through which you can connect to your team, customers or loved ones. supports updated HTML5 standards through WebRTC. We support VP8 as video codec and Opus as audio codec.

To Plugin or Not to Plugin

Free demo Video calling software

Plugins restrict the access to services to few devices. Ad-hoc video calls where you need to setup a video call with an online customer could get delayed because of plugin setup issues. If not managed right, plugins can lead to version compatibility issues for the user thus giving a bad experience. Plugins are also known to be vulnerable as they typically bypass the secure sandbox of the browser ecosystem. Plugins are known be crash prone and mismanage the memory on the device.