Group Video Calling

More and more phone calls are being replaced by video calls. Live video chat enhances the experience and the quality of human interaction by enabling face to face meeting. The biggest impact of video calling is especially seen in the way remote teams collaborate. But group chats are not without challenges. The typical issues faced in group chat are bandwidth constraints, bad user experience when more participants join and scheduling of group chats.

Free demo Video calling software

Bandwidth is an important consideration's live video calling software for businesses offers group video calling which allows upto 8 participants. Our continuous presence layout of the video call allows a full two way participation for all the 8 participants on single screen. Our video calling software is hosted in the cloud and needs no installation. You need Google's Chrome or Mozilla's Firefox to start making group video call on

Unlike other peer to peer video calling software webRTC based works on bandwidth as low as 300kbps. offers this low bandwidth high quality video service because of its unique clould architecture. cloud architecture is a star network instead of a mesh network. Star network offers better control over bandwidth as the central node can make intelligent decisions based on calling device type, bandwidth needs of each participant, and configuration from the manageability console. provides you a dashboard to create and schedule group chat rooms with advance controls to fine tune parameters like frames per second, resolution, bandwidth usage and layout. also provides an easy to use interface to quickly schedule group video calls with default configurations for bandwidth and resolution.