1Click Help

  1. What is 1Click?
  2. 1Click is a feature rich, pluggable video infrastructure company.1Click video calls work directly in the browser! Being in a video call is as simple as one click, with no downloads and no plugins. We at 1Click, embed face to face conversations in your business workflows. 1Click’s feature rich video calls comprise of recording, analytics, broadcasting, group calling and many more.

  3. Which browsers does 1Click support?
  4. 1Click calls can be made on any HTML5 compliant browsers, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Since Internet Explorer and Safari are not completely compliant with the cutting edge technology of HTML5, 1Click may not work in it.

  5. Can I use 1Click on my phone browser?
  6. Yes, if your phone or tablet has Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser installed in it, you can use 1Click to make a video call.*

  7. What is the bandwidth required to make a video call?
  8. A minimum bandwidth of 300 kbps will bring you face-to-face with your prospect, customer, partner, employee or potential employee.

  9. How many participants can you have in a single group call?
  10. Currently we support up to four participants in a video group call. We are working on expanding it to ten participants. Sign Up with us and we will keep you posted. A one to many broadcast video can be made to up to twenty five participants.

  11. I don’t have camera, can I make audio only calls and disable the video?
  12. 1Click Video Calls humanize your business by enabling face to face interactions. But if you want to make audio calls only, video can be disabled.

  13. Do you support screen sharing?
  14. Screen sharing is a critical feature. It is the top priority in our roadmap and we are working on incorporating it in 1Click video calls. Sign Up with us and we will send you an update about the screen sharing feature.

  15. How does the pricing for 1Click work?
  16. We are a subscription based service hosted on the cloud. Our various pricing options are available here. Large enterprises who would like to run the service in their private cloud can Get in Touch.

  17. Can 1Click be embedded in my website?
  18. Yes. 1Click is all about video where you need it! 1Click can meld into your existing digital infrastructure. You can have your website video calling ready with no download and no installation. Any HTML5 compliant website can embed our Javascript widget and have the website video calling ready.

  19. Can I make video calls on the 1Click website?
  20. Yes. After signing up to 1Click, you will receive a conference ID. You can invite others to join the video call by sharing conference ID with them.

  21. Is my call secure?
  22. Yes. We use the same secure HTTP standards that your banking websites use. We have extended the same security to your video and audio conversations.

* video is a CPU intensive activity

  1. Can I record a video call?
  2. Yes. A 1Click video call can be recorded.

  3. How many days can a recording be stored?
  4. The recording is stored for 90 days by default. However, the duration can be tailored to fit your business needs.

  5. Will I get a copy of the recording for my reference?
  6. No. You can always access the recording using your unique URL which is available on the dashboard.

  7. Is my recording secure with 1Click?
  8. Yes. Every recording has a unique URL and only the person having this URL can view these files. We backup all the videos on Amazon’s S3 Storage Service, which offers high reliability, security and on-demand access.

  1. Your product is awesome! I want a video on my website, what do I do?
  2. Get in touch with us with your requirements and we will help you make your business website video calling ready.

  3. My website is on PHP/Django/Ruby on Rails, will I be able to use 1Click?
  4. Yes. 1Click is flexible and can be used with any web application frameworks.

  5. Can I rebrand 1Click for my customers?
  6. 1Click is fully customizable. 1Click Widget can be white labeled.

  7. How will 1Click look on my website?
  8. 1Click will be a widget that can be placed on your website. You can customize the behavior of the widget on your website.