Complex products are being sold online these days. Unless someone is as awesome as this Netflix representative it is almost always impossible to leave an impression via e-mails or phone. This is perhaps the reason why in-person and field sales are widely used by all the companies (even Google!). Our customer support software, 1Click, can help you recreate these in-person meetings online and therefore making it easier to gain your customers’ trust and understand their needs better.

SCALING is one thing that will always be a priority for any business. But scaling online is much easier and faster; this is where video calling comes into the picture. The ability to make sales right from the office will eliminate the need for travel and hence drastically improve the productivity of your entire sales team. The number of leads pursued at a time will increase and the money and time your company is spending on acquiring a lead will decrease.

Here is exactly how 1Click will help in driving your sales

Bye Bye, Installations

Compatibility is an important issue when coming to software. Instead of fighting with it we dealt with installations in a very different way – we eliminated it. WebRTC based, our video chat software is compatible with any modern HTML5 browser and is independent of OS. You or your client need not install anything to get into the video conference.

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Frictionless Information Flow

To talk is many a times just not enough. We at 1Click understand this better than anyone else. Hence we made document sharing and screen sharing within the browser just a click away. Share the information with your prospective customer without the need to go out of the browser and without changing the context.

Infrastructure Addition? Just Forget It!

Our video calling software, 1Click, is completely webRTC based and runs within a browser. What does that mean to you? It means that you need not add ANY infrastructure to enable sales guy giving a pitch via video to a prospective client. Any computer with an HTML5 compliant browser is more than enough for our video chat software to run flawless and thereby help you drive your sales. Our cloud based service will ensure the call connects at the right bandwidth and works through various network conditions.

Training The Rookies

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”
There can be no better training for new additions into your sales team than to see the video of how the elites and rock stars are doing the job right (or wrong). Our video calling software gives you the ability record all the video calls and these can be very effective during the training for new joiners. By learning the tips, tricks, do’s and don’ts the new hires will quickly catchup with the rest.

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Reduce The Expenses

By completely eliminating the need for travel to meet your prospective customers, 1Click will help you save your company lot of money and your sales team lot of time. This only results in more profits and fewer expenses. Choosing 1Click can never be a wrong decision. Scaling and Selling is possible, just integrate our video chat software, 1Click.io into your business sales workflow.

1Click Vs Skype, Webex and Others

I have been doing sales & marketing for various startups all my professional life. I have lost a miniscule but not negligible number of prospects because I was unable to remotely demonstrate our product. The reason was lack of software compatibility with the operating system. Also, occasionally many customers were a bit frustrated when they were unable to install the software. All these little things matter a lot when there is customer on other end of the world who likes your product, wants to know more, and is willing to pay, but the whole thing is messed up because your sales person was unable to give a proper demo.

One can always re-schedule, but time is very valuable and client won’t always give a second chance. Because our video chat software eliminates all these issues you will need not worry about losing a customer again just because he is using Ubuntu or Mac or is not computer savvy enough to install a software.

Do not lose your customers any more
Empower your sales team by giving them the power of 1Click, the best video calling software

Maximize sales and delight customers with our interactive video calling software, featuring voice, video, & text. 1Click.io is pluggable video infrastructure and browser based video call solution for business. 1Click humanizes video business interactions and coverts your browser into a new conference room. Connect with customers across all devices through voice, video & text. Our video calling software for business is the best enterprise-level B2B live video solution.

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