NOTE TO STARTUPS: One of the most important aspect of any successful business is the customer relationship. Hence, it is of utmost importance that startups implement every possible method to increase their customer support. And customer relationship management (CRM) softwares is one such way to produce a product to the customer’s satisfaction.

As business’ start up, this customer relationship can grow by a simple chat over coffee or a meeting over lunch. But as business’ grow and as the number of customers and clients increase, CRM softwares will come in handy. Each CRM software is different in pricing, functions and flavours. While some CRM softwares enable creation and managing of customer’s requests, others provide business’ with tools to manage the sales process. CRM marketing softwares, on the other hand, allows tracking of campaign over various channels, such as phone, email and social media. Here are six of the best customer support softwares, according to us, that startups can incorporate with.


Salesforce.com is the undisputed leader in the CRM market, and is presently dominating the CRM landscape. Cusomters from small business’ to huge enterprises like this software’s sales, marketing and service-management capabilities, which are available in the cloud. As this customer relationship software is web-based, it is easily accessible from anywhere with the Internet access. The pricing of this software ranges from $5 to $300 per month per user. This pricing depends on the features business’ want to use. However, this software is still struggling with its issues regarding availability on the mobile devices. Despite this, with its various custom add-ons and features that increase the software’s core functionality, Salesforce.com is definitely a powerful and useful tool for all business’.


With no installation, this CRM software, is a definite blessing for startups. This means business’ don’t have to pay for the hardware or server or software maintenance to use Zoho CRM. All they need to start using the Zoho CRM took is a browser or a mobile app. Yes, this customer relationship management software has mobile apps for Android, Blackberry and iOS devices. This software is free for up to three users and ranges between $12 to $35 per user per month for more number of users. This pricing is the same for all of its three tiers, i.e, standard, professional and enterprise. This cloud-based tool is a definite yes for startups that want to solve all its CRM needs, like, customer management, sales tracking, easy communication with customers and connection using mobile apps.


This ‘notepad’ customer relationship management software lets business’ either enter customer’s information using a Web browser or import existing contact records. This software also allows business’ to create new tasks, set deadlines and set tasks to categories. The Highrise dashboard displays all recent activity and employees can also choose to receive a daily task e-mail in the morning. This helps them remember the tasks to be accomplished on a particular day. This straightforward software is free for up to two users and 250 contacts. However, this software doesn’t offer too many extra capabilities, but, despite this, it is a suitable and convenient way for business’ to increase and improve their customer support.

4. openCRX

This free customer relationship management software is any business’ guide to manage coordination of sales, marketing and service to customers. Often misunderstood to be designed only for large companies, this CRM tool is an open source, browser-based tool that is platform independent. Hence, it is completely applicable for small and medium-sized business’ as well. All this software requires is a server that runs on Apache Tomcat and one of the major database management systems.The groupware component of this software includes AirSync; a drop-in replacement for ActiveSync. This application allows business’ to connect with other ActiveSync clients like iPhone or Android devices.


This customer relationship management software is one of the cheapest CRM solution available for small business’. This cloud-based CRM software is free up to three users, while its starter plan costs $29 per month, advanced plan costs $49 per month and pro plan costs $99 per month. With an already strong support for Google services, like Google Apps, Gmail and Google Drive, this software has now integrated with Evernote, Office 365, Outlook and MailChimp. The mobile application of this software also works with iOS and Android devices. Though this software isn’t very powerful for enterprises, it is an affordable and appealing CRM solution for startups.


This customer relationship management software is a bit different from every other software in this list. This software is specifically built for the life sciences industry, i.e, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Hence, for the same reason, this software has special features since this industry demands a unique set of regulatory requirements and faces different sales challenges. They manage proper delivery of drugs to market and marketing these drugs in the market by complying with the Government rules and regulations. This cloud-based software is built on Force.com, and provides information on customers as well as medical products. This software is accessible on iPads, mobile devices as well as desktops. Though this software is built on Force.com, it doesn’t resemble the leader Salesforce CRM.

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