In part 1 of this guide, I mentioned the concept of live video chat, its advantages and disadvantages. Here is a quick wrap up of the entire article. In simple words, Skype is a video chat used for personal uses, while 1Click is a free live chat for website used by businesses. The process of communicating with customers and clients, in real time, over the video is called live video chat. A video chat helps businesses maintain healthy relationships with their existing customers and create new relationships with future clients. For a detailed description about the software, go through part 1 of live video chat.

So we spoke about video chat softwares and its uses and the reasons why businesses should incorporate with such softwares. But what are the industries that will benefit most from these chat softwares? Which are those industries that should incorporate with live video chat softwares over live text chat or live audio chat softwares? Here are five businesses which will benefit the most by using video chat softwares.


I keep repeating this in as many articles as possible. Despite the rising number of e-commerce websites, people still prefer the brick-and-mortar retail stores over online shopping. Another study by Forbes showed that online customers prefered websites such as Best Buy, Macy’s, Sears and Walmart over others. This was because these e-commerce retailers had their brick-and-mortar retail shops unlike the others. This provided customers with a personal touch to their shopping. So how do the other e-commerce websites provide this human touch? That is where live video chat comes to your rescue. With these chat softwares, customers can communicate face-to-face with the employees and get their doubts and queries cleared immediately. In other words, the employee on the other side of the video is like the smiling face seen when you enter a retail store. The person is there to guide you through your shopping and make sure you buy the best product as your requirements.


In a previous article I had written how banks can leverage with the help of video chat. These chat softwares not just help in improving customer loyalty, but also helps in reaching out to a larger population, especially in rural areas. Just like in e-commerce websites, banking customers in rural areas could also have doubts and complaints about certain banking facilities. It is not always possible for these customers to travel several kilometres to banks to get their doubts cleared. However, with the help of a video chat software, this can be easily done. All they would need is a laptop and internet connection. Another way in which banks can benefit from video conferencing is in the ATM machine centres. Many at times the ATM machines are not working and the money is not received, though it is debited from the account. In such situations, going to the banks and getting the problem solved is often a hectic process. However with the help of video conferencing, this can be easily done. If a live video chat software is installed in the ATM centre, the customer can easily talk to the employees and get the problem solved. Incorporating video conferencing to the ATM transaction process enhances customer service, expands interaction with bank service employees and advances targeted marketing efforts. For more information on how banks can improve customer loyalty with the help of video conferencing, go through this article.


Live video chat has probably not helped any other industry more than it has for the health care sector. According to Wikipedia, telemedicine is ‘the use of telecommunication and information technologies in order to provide clinical health care at a distance’. With the help of video chat, doctors can treat patients in the rural areas, provide the right expertise to junior doctors in rural areas, and reduce costs spent on expensive travels and patient transfers. Another use of a live video chat software in the health care sector is to create a youtube for all necessary health treatments. For example, if someone next to you requires CPR treatment and you are unaware of how to perform a CPR, this youtube can come handy in helping you perform the function in the best way possible. For more details on how telemedicine has become a boon for the health care sector, read this article. And for more information on why it is important to create a youtube for health care, go through this article.


Sometimes the lack of time and space can become a huge hinderance to conduct conference meetings. However, with video chat, a virtual conference call can be conducted easily. This chat software makes the conference look almost real without any constraint on time or space. With some video chat softwares, like 1Click, employees can also share documents and files within the company during a conference call. However, some companies are worried about the safety of such transfers. Not to worry. Almost all customer support software are highly reliable and secured. With 1Click’s video conferencing software, employees can make a conference call either open or private. A private conference call will allow only selected employees to be a part of it, hence, making sure documents are shared only within desired employees.


Today, education has become a thrilling education. It is not just about looking at pictures in text books and learning lines out of the hard bound books. It is about seeing what you learn, it is about touching the plants and animals and learning how they are different from each other. And this is done with the help of live video chat. Just like in telemedicine and the banking sector, video conferencing in the education sector helps students interact with the experts in each field. You want to teach your students about wildlife? Who better to teach them about it than a wildlife photographer or a wildlife sanctuary expert. Want to educate your children on the harmful effects of eating too much junk food? Make them see a video on the bad effects of doing it. All this, and a lot more, is possible using video chat. Children learn faster and better when they can see and visualize what they are told, rather than just listen to the teacher talk about them. So let your children see the world awaiting them, much before they actually enter the world.

These are just few of the industries that will benefit from video conferencing. Live video chat is highly beneficial in getting the right expertise at the right time, in training the rookies and in providing the rural population the life they are deprived of.

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