Live Customer Support

According to Wikipedia, Moore’s law is the observation that, over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years. This law was named after Gordon E.Moore, the co-founder of Intel Corporation.

Today, there is no better example for Moore’s law than live video chat. A simple electronic gadget like a mobile phone can incorporate with video. Most desktops can process multipoint high definition, VoIP audio and live sharing data easily. Is video chat the future of social media? Or is it the booming potential for every business. Or is it the future of live customer support?


With the rise in technology, people’s demands have also risen. Earlier businesses communicated with their customers over text chat softwares. Through these softwares, businesses heard their customer’s expectations from them and accordingly created a product that reached those expectations. However, now, people want more from businesses. They don’t want to just talk to the employees through an instant messenger, they want to see who they are talking to. They want to make sure they are talking to the right person. Hence evolved live video chat which in turn evolved live customer support.

Live video chat has been an important factor to improve online customer support. With the help of video chats, businesses can communicate with their customers and listen to their worries and woes. As a result, businesses can create products based on their customer’s satisfaction. This in turn helps in increasing customer support and customer satisfaction. And as long as the customer is satisfied, businesses thrive. But what is the future of live customer support? Where will live video chat go from here? We, at 1Click, believe live video chat has a long way to go. Social media platforms will thrive on to every opportunity to incorporate with the best live video chat software. Businesses will be using video chat softwares abundantly to not just communicate with their customers but also within the company. Customers will not have any more long-lasting doubts or unanswered queries about any product, because the answers and solutions will just be a click away with the live video chat software. It will definitely become the future of social media and businesses, and a saving grace for all businesses to make sure they provide good and booming customer support.