A live chat software may be a business’ best friend. But just like one should be careful about the best friends they choose for themselves, business’ too should chose a live video chat wisely. The main criteria to look into before choosing a live video chat are its features. According to a recent Forrester report, there are seven important characteristics of every live video chat. They are – the general characteristics, customization properties, routing, efficiency of the live video chat, chat interface, systems integration and reporting and analytics. Today, we will discuss the routing and efficiency property of 1Click live chat plugin.


A live video chat is used by agents to easily communicate with their customers. When the customer has a problem that has to solved immediately, s/he turns to the live video chat software and connects to an agent, who provides the customer with an easy and quick solution. So, a live video chat that does not satisfy this need is a waste of money. With the help of a live video chat, the agent should be able to easily and quickly reply to the customer’s worries, hence providing quick answers. 1Click’s live video chat provides several features to ensure great efficiency for face-to-face video communication.

For starters, 1Click’s live video chat enables triggers to frequent customers. This means that every time a customer stays in a particular page for more than 2 minutes, the live video chat is triggered and pops up. So for example if a customer stays on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more than 2 minutes, the live video chat pops up automatically and the agent clarifies all doubts that the customer could have. This comes handy because there are times when a customer maybe hesitant to be the first one to contact the customer care. In this case, the customer care widget pops up on its own and asks the customers the doubts s/he has which can be clarified immediately. According to another Forrester research, around 27% of customers like a pro-active chat. A pro-active chat is one that pops up without the customer having to ask for it. So 1Click’s live video chat definitely falls under this category.

There are several ways to ensure the agent is able to answer the customer’s queries in a fast pace. One such feature is the ability to access the media library. Faster access to the media library implies the agent can access the information in the media library, hence being able to provide quicker answers to the customer when needed. Another unique feature of 1Click’s live video chat is that it provides short keys to the agent. All of these options ensure the agent can provide customers with answers quicker and more accurately. With the help of 1Click’s live video chat, agents can also add notes and remarks which can be accessed later on. This too ensures quicker solutions to customers at the time of need.


This situation has happened to everyone at some point of their time. A customer talks to an agent and conveys his/her problems and doubts about a particular product and the agent provides him/her with a solution. Unfortunately this solution isn’t successful. In this case, the customer calls the customer care a second time only to reach a new agent to whom the customer has to explain the entire problem all over again. Things would be a lot easier if the customer could connect back to the same agent. This is possible using 1Click’s live video chat. 1Click’s live chat enables customers to return to the same agent a second time. This helps in creating a healthy relationship between the agent and the customer. On the other hand, the agent can also ban customers based on the IP address. In my previous article, I mentioned 1Click’s live video chat enables agents to identify the IP address of customers. This also helps agents to ban unwanted and disturbing customers. Another striking feature of 1Click’s live video chat is that the agent too can contact the customer.

The features of a live video chat is the differentiating criteria. It is the features that differentiate one live video chat to the other. Ensure your live video chat is extremely efficient by incorporating with 1Click’s live video chat.