Grab the Customers Emotions

People these days are spending unprecedented amounts of money. Especially online, as evidenced by the expenditure rates provided by The US Government, and this study says there is a 4.4% increase from November 2013 to November 2014 in online consumer expenditure. So clearly this is a lucrative domain to do business in, not only for E-Commerce, but also for providing Services in the industries of Travel, Medicine, etc. So what are these online merchants doing well to have such a turnover? Well, we can first point out to them churning out better quality products and satisfying customers. But the overlooked reason is Marketing. Marketing is the soul of any E-commerce website and the websites have to do a brilliant job of getting a product across to an ocean of consumers.
So what exactly are the techniques these vendors use to get the customers’ emotion to go ahead and click that coveted “Buy” button? Below are 6 distinct reasons

TECHNIQUE 1: Get their Attention first

Ah, the good ol’ fashioned Flashy displays. Although we’ve come a long way from having only Brick & Mortar stores to buy products, the heart of what drives people to those stores still remains in this day and age. The need to get the customer’s attraction is very high and the way to do this is to go high on decorative content. Keep in mind, you do not want to blind the customer with bling, but have to keep it more subtle and at the same time be bright enough to get his/her attention. The website designs play a big role in this, and once the customer’s attention has been captured, it’s just upto the quality on display to keep the fun going.

TECHNIQUE 2: Let them know you are human

Let them know you are human

The best way to maintain a healthy relationship with your customer base is to let them know you care. This can be done by having a chat service that the user can readily use to know more about the product or the company itself. A live voice/ video assistance is even better as it’s quicker and preaches to the motto that “Yes, we exist! And we care!”. It’s relatively cheap and gives access to a good rapport with consumers. 1CLICK provides these services and can help boost your customer service online.

TECHNIQUE 3: Rewarding the consumers

One thing any sensible person would appreciate is getting rewarded for their work. Here, the work is going through the endless chaos of shopping online and being thrust upon with different marketing schemes. So, show people how better your product handling is compared to others. Have a sale, or provide them with eye-popping offers. This keeps customers for the long haul and possibly gets them to keep coming back.

Rewarding the Consumers

TECHNIQUE 4: Build a brand

Along with rewarding the consumers with a live video assistance, it’s important to douse them with familiarity. This is done by maintaining a brand and that in turn can be achieved by having a social media link to your website. This allows people to follow you if they like the products and also creates a network for your outfit that people can easily relate to, and extending this network can be attained through people sharing your content.

TECHNIQUE 5: Stimulate the customer’s emotions

Strong content on the website (could be the products’ quality, could be the website itself) lends credibility to the paradigm that you’re a Vendor. You’re in this business to please a customer, at least that’s what the customer should surmise. Provoking emotions such as curiosity, interest, euphoria, awe through your marketplace genuinely feeds to the customer’s mentality and prompts them to keep buying.

TECHNIQUE 6: Make sure their journey through your place is painless

One of the more important things you should focus on, once a decent consumer base is built, is to make sure that their journey from coming to your website, to buying a product is effortless and free flowing. Inaugurating with a good customer service is crucial. This is generally done by adding an FAQ page on your site to settle their queries, but if their concern is more pressing, a live customer service chat is the way to go. Next step would be to have a good interface that settles the transaction. Once this is done, make sure the customer gets an email regarding this transaction to seal the deal and let them know it was good doing business with them.