Customer service plays a crucial role in expanding and improving a business. It involves solving a customer’s problems to help him/her have a better shopping experience. In today’s world, a lot of people all around the globe prefer to do their shopping online, as it is much more convenient and easier than going from shop to shop looking for the products they need. However, online shopping does have one certain drawback. There wasn’t anyone to assist customers and help them make an informed choice. To counter this, many software companies came up with an online customer service chat software solution. The idea of live web chat support software like these, popularly called live chat, helps people shopping online make better choices, by giving the customers  information about the product instantly. Live chat applications are also known to have lead to an increase in the productivity of the work place. There are 3  kinds of live chat software you can get online. They are:


1.   Live Chat Using Text


An example of Live Chat Text Support


Some live chat applications offer only text chat. Examples for this are http://www.livechatinc.com/ and http://www.boldchat.com/ .


1. The biggest advantage of text only chat is that customers simply love live chat! Live text chat has been known to improve engagement among potential customers and has a high rate of conversion.

2. There are no added costs to the customer as live chat as free.

3. If the customer is in a public area, he doesn’t have to worry about people over hearing him/her as the only noise he/she makes is the tapping of keys on the keyboard.


1. One disadvantage of text only chat is that the chat agent must respond in a timely fashion. Failure to do so may result in the customer leaving the website, thus defeating the whole point of live chat customer service.

2. Another disadvantage is that it lacks a human touch. Customers could feel like they’re talking to a bot and hence leave the website.


2.      Live Video, Voice and Text Support


Video Chat Support

Another form of live chat support is the video, voice and text chat service. It is a combination of Live Video Chat Support and Voice Chat Software. In this type, a customer can see and speak to the agent who’s there to help him/her out.


1. The primary advantage of this method are that it gives the customer a more personal feel.  This helps engage the customer better as they will react positively to the personal attention.

2. Another advantage is that in case the voice/video quality isn’t the best, a customer always has the option of using the text chat to ask get the information he/she needs.

3. This also fosters a sense of credibility between the customer and agent. This software is really useful for E-commerce transactions where the customer risks losing a lot of money.

4. Video and voice chat is really useful in implementing up selling and cross selling strategies.


For video calling, a fast internet connection is essential. Slow internet could lead to a depreciation in clarity hampering the customer’s conversation with the customer service agent. This could mean a distortion in the question posed by the customer or in the answer given by the agent.


3. Video, Voice, Text and Co-Browsing.


Co-browsing is really easy to use and very helpful

We have seen video, voice and text chat and how they helping making a customer’s online shopping experience a pleasant experience. But there is still one more feature that can be used to enhance and make the customer’s shopping experience a memorable one.  It’s called “Co-Browsing“.

So, what is Co-browsing?

It is the process by which a customer service agent and the customer together navigate an application, like a digital document or a website, on a real time basis through the web. Both the agent and the customer can access the page together at the same time.

However, it is not to be confused with “screen sharing”, where only one party can control the screen at a time. The use of co-browsing has taken the online shopping experience to a whole new level. 1CLICK  is one such company that provides this software. It has helped so many companies and customers alike by simplifying their online shopping experience.


1. It makes it easier to fill out online forms, get information on a particular product.

2. Another feature of co-browsing is that personal details do not get carried over a co-browsing session. So a customer has nothing to worry about when filling his/her password/ bank details etc.

3. Co-browsing is a web browser video chat. The user does not need additional software to take advantage of our co-browsing feature.


1. Bandwidth issues if the internet speed is not fast enough for a video chat (1CLICK requires a min. of 300kbps for a video chat).

Live Chat Customer Support Software has improved the quality of online shopping and has helped make it enjoyable and a hassle-free experience.  It has helped customers shop better and make better choices by making all the information they need available at a moment’s notice.

1CLICK is a Live Customer Engagement Software that helps you Video, Voice and Text Chat with customers along with features like Co-Browsing in order to give the customer an pleasant online shopping experience.

Try out our Co-Browsing feature and let us know what you think in the comments below!