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Live customer assistance to know your customers better

Know your Customers.

Real-time Feedback

A customer’s frustration or need that has yet to be filled is called a pain point, and marketing teams mine social media and message boards for these pain points.

Live chat provides immediate access to a customers’ pain points. When customers use our web-app, they can express their opinion and complaints regarding the products and service and the representatives can find out ways to improve a company’s services or products with first-hand experiences.

Record conversations

With 1CLICK’s live customer service software, you can record conversations with your customers for future reference, for testimonials and feedback. You can also use this data to train your agents on demands and customer behavior. Video assistance software has a range of advantages that gives an advantage to users on both ends of the business.


Online customer service with a human touch

Create the WOW experience


Human touch to online service

Online service and product companies these days face high competition on all fronts and there are only a few touch points that a customer has with your company online, such as email. These touch points are slow in terms of response, and you could often lose a customer. But on a customer engagement platform such as 1CLICK that offers features such as video, voice and text chat online, you could respond to your customer within a matter of minutes and push him through the sales funnel faster thus creating the WOW customer service.


Real-time customer engagement

Engage your customers in real time with 1CLICK’s assistance software right from your website. Your business will be seen as transparent and this will add to your brand value online. Through simple video, voice and text chats you can be set apart from your competitors in terms of customer service.

Edge over your competitors


Video and voice support to customers

Gain the edge over your competitors with 1CLICK’s assistance software for your online customers. With better customer support, you can increase your customer retention.

With the web-app, you get the opportunity to have a real time video or voice chat with your customer and provide assistance. This not only adds value to your organizations brand, but also helps build customer loyalty, which in-turn leads to more purchases and cross-selling.

First hand customer behavior

Learn what your customer loves and what he doesn’t with a single conversation. This will also help you answer questions such as , how he landed on your website? What his favorite product is and what differentiates you from your competitor?

Businesses spend money and time to define these parameters, but with 1CLICK you can get these details with a conversation with your customers.

Video and voice customer assistance software

 Boost conversions


Convert visitors to customers

Using our customer service on your website, can help turn inbound visitors into customers with simple conversations online. According to recent surveys, there’s a 70% chance of converting returning inbound traffic compared to new visitors. Our live video assistance can act as a simple platform of connection between your customers and you on your website, and be the bridge between shopping cart abandonment and purchase.

Reduce the customer journey

Reduce the customer journey online when it comes to your business with customer service chat. Give your business its own identity with a unique and revolutionary way of customer engagement online. Customers spend time on your website understanding your products or services. You can easily intercept them at this point and solve all their queries about your company hence reducing your customer journey, while converting them into potential buyers.

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