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How to promote your own business on YouTube in 2019

YouTube Video SEO 2020-2021

How to Rank YouTube Videos

If you are new to social media, and you don’t know how to promote your business on such networks in 2019, you have come to the right place! Youtube is one of the main platforms for advertising your products and service and gaining more customers. Professional services like VideosGrow can help you develop a substantial presence there quickly, and initial steps like the ones below should ease the process!


If you have not done it already, log in to your account and do it now! Every respectable company regardless of the industry has a Youtube channel where users and clients can find out more about their services.

You can use a Youtube channel to make announcements, unbox products and organize live events that viewers can take part in and understand better your mission. In time, potential customers will consider your channel a meeting place where they can find out more about your services and products, discuss them with other users and even leave ratings that enhance your online visibility.


Building a reputation on Youtube from scratch takes time. To skip over a lengthy trial and error process, you can visit the channels of your competitors and get some inspiration from them. Watch their videos closely and read the comments that users leave there. You might find new and exciting ways of promoting your business by learning more from their failures and their successful strategies.


The next step in promoting your company on Youtube should see you understanding better who your audience is. The video-sharing platform has excellent analytics tools that give you an in-depth view of how users interact with the content that you upload. This instrument enables you to discover when viewers access your clips, their age demographics and which gender comprises most of your followers.

By correctly interpreting these stats, you can develop an idea about when to post your videos, how often you should upload content, and to whom you should target your clip. In time, you will have a deep understanding of who your clients are, and what strategies to employ to transform them into long-term paying customers.


When you scout your opposition, it is a good idea to take notes about how they describe their videos, the titles that they display and the tags that they use. These apparently small details can have a major impact on your SEO strategy.

You can overcome the challenges that search engines and Youtube algorithms put forward for your videos, and optimize your content accordingly. Now that you know what your audience is looking for, you can have a better idea about what your clips should include, and how their descriptions and titles should sound like.


Now that you have everything set up, you need to develop a posting strategy that can enhance your online presence. It is best to have a few pieces of content already complete and to schedule their uploading time over the space of one week. This method will give you a few days to see how your audience is building up and how users react to your promotional style.

Additionally, you can pay for Youtube likes to enhance the attractiveness of your videos. Users generally want to feel that they are not missing out on something important. So, when they will see clips such as yours that have already attracted several hundred or thousands of likes, they will feel the need to watch them and give their impressions as well.