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How to promote your business on Facebook in 2019

As of the second quarter of 2018, Facebook has confirmed over 2.2 billion monthly active users. With so many potential customers it would be madness not to promote your business on the biggest social media network in the world. Experts consider that those numbers will rise in 2019, and if you want to become an established Social Boss, you will need these tips on how to build up a successful brand on Facebook.


First things first, you need to ensure that you create a business page on Facebook that matches your market profile. In 2019, if you want to promote a local business, you will need to choose the appropriate category and build the page to appeal to your community.

Whereas, if you want to advertise a brand or a product, your Facebook business page will need to aim for national or international reach, visual impact, and multi-language features. Either way, the competition will be stiff, and you need to make sure that you interact with the right target consumers.


Now that you have built the Facebook business page to match your intentions, it is time for your first post. Regardless of what you are trying to sell or promote, the visual impression of the content you share is crucial.

Optimize every image that you post from the profile photo to the cover picture to your company’s logo. If you post blurry images with poor resolution, you will have a hard time attracting followers or potential clients. The image that you promote on Facebook has to be just as impeccable as the products or services that you offer.


Many companies fail to attract new Facebook followers because they do not use the CTA (Call to action) button enough. The network offers you this incredibly simple and effective instrument that you can add to every piece of content and engage users, so use it relentlessly!

Add “See video,” “Shop now,” and “Contact us” to every image, video or ad that you post to give viewers a way of interacting with your brand or company.


The days when Facebook would accept any kind of content on the business pages of users have long gone. In 2019, if you want to attract new followers, you will need to post highly engaging content. Posts that stop users from scrolling and comment or share their impression can generate a significant increase in popularity and subsequently in sales.


The last few years have seen social media users shift their content-consuming habits from written posts to visual content, and especially video clips. Most people on Facebook look for a quick absorption of information, and anything that involves reading for more than ten seconds exceeds their attention span.

In 2019, if you choose to post essays about your company on your business Facebook page, you will bore and lose most of your followers. A better strategy to attract new customers is to prioritize video posts. Even 3-second clips can engage users and create a higher rate of views and shares than written content.


An innovative method of promoting your business on Facebook in 2019 is to have the users generate content for you. Many social media users like to interact with their favorite brands by posing with their products or writing about them and then posting them online with the appropriate hashtags.

You can engage your followers to take selfies with the products that you sell or rate the services that you offer and post their impressions on other social media channels like Twitter or Instagram. Next, share their content on your business page to pay back their favor and increase your popularity. In terms of content, this is one of the cheapest ways of generating it.


In 2019, Facebook offers a myriad of analytic tools that help you understand better how users interact with your business page, your posts, and your advertising campaigns. Use the demographic reports to see the gender, nationality, and age of your most loyal visitors.

Also, schedule your posts according to the times when your followers are online and when they are bound to create more user engagement. Use this precious and free information to successfully promote your business on Facebook in 2019.