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Live Video Support Analytics


Learning is a product of interaction. Learn more about your customer through 1CLICK’s live video chat support software. Learning analytics is an emerging field in which sophisticated analytic tools are used to improve learning. Three objectives essential to the effective use of analytics is: define the goals or objectives, measure the outputs and outcomes, use the resulting data to make improvements.

With 1CLICK, you can look at analytics such as his location, browser and number of previous visits by your customer on your site. You can also view his calling page and referral page to understand where he is contacting you from. Our live chat support software gives you a better insight on your customer, which can help you help him make informed decisions of purchase from your website. This feature helps you further provide real-time support online via desktop & mobile to your customer.


Understand your customers


Use our analytics to understand more about your customers and visitors on your website. Learn more about your customer with analytics from our live customer support software that tells you which pages your customers have been spending most time on.



Make informed decisions

Make informed decisions based on data that’s gathered with our analytics. Learn more and shape your business based on the numbers.

Track chats & increase team efficiency

Take a look at how your team’s performance has been at receiving calls and talking to customers. Train your team with what methods work and don’t. Our live engagement platform is built to help both parties, your agents and customers.

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