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Video Chat Support

Choose the best communication channel to add the human touch to your online website. Interact with your customers, understand them and give them the WOW experience with our live video chat support software. Increase your sales and win over customer loyalty online with this simple tool.


Voice Chat Support

The live voice chat support feature is a simple configuration that you can make to our  live assistance tool. It allows your customer and you to engage in a voice chat that can be scaled to a video call if required. All features such as our screen sharing and co-browsing also work with these settings. Our video and voice chat support tool has high call quality, details that you will find on this page.


Text Chat Support

You can also connect with your customers over text chat if your customer doesn’t have equipment for video or voice. Our text chat feature is on par with all major text chat services and we provide text chat for all businesses for free.


Live Recording

Our live recording feature for 1CLICK’s live video assistance software gives you the option of recording calls with your customer. You can use this feature for training your agents or testimonials. Both sides are alerted when the recording begins and it will be available on the agent’s side after the call has ended.


Analytics from our live video chat support tool will give you an insight on customer behavior. Learn the time spent by a customer on each of your pages and more. This could help you understand your customers on your website. Features such as analytics were built to provide the best live customer support online.


1CLICK’s video chat for business software gives you the edge over your competitors with features such as co-browsing. With the option to enable co-browsing during a real time call, you can show your customer your website on the pages that have co-browsing enabled . Our software goes beyond being just live video assistance for your business with these features.

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