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Business Promotion Features on Instagram in 2019

Instagram is used by almost 200 million brands and businesses, as a way to market and promote products and engage and capture a massive audience. Nearly 600 million Instagram accounts are active every day and 80% of the accounts follow at least one business account. Most of the audience, especially the youth refers to Instagram before purchasing anything. Instagram boosts almost 15 times more engagement with the audience than Facebook or Twitter. It has become one of the top key sales channels.

Not only can you sign up for a business account on Instagram, but you can also pay Instagram to promote your brand, by posting advertisements. With Insta Growing researchers team, we went into the depth of specifics of promoting a business at Instagram.

Audience-specific hashtags

  • Instagram is known for its Hashtags. Hashtags are a way to combine ideas, concepts or conversations by using single words. Hashtags are widely searched and used by Instagram users and you have a clear-cut shot in converting them from passive customers to potential customers. You can do that by including Hashtags in the product description to reach new people. Hashtags do not only help you to score customers, but they also give a thorough idea about your products.

Use Instagram Advertisement

  • Instagram advertises your products by its seven different advertisement types. you just have to pay for sponsored marketing. Instagram offers you a single image advertisement tool, in which you can advertise about your product or brand, through a single image, using specific hashtags. you can even write a caption of 125 characters, to elaborate your product.
  • Instagram carousal ads help you to showcase your product by posting 10 different photos or videos in a single advertisement. They can be quite tricky to compile but they help to promote your business in a professional manner, by using step-by-step illustrations.
  • Instagram also offers video advertisements to growth as well as developed businesses.
  • The slideshow advertisement allows you to compile up to 10 images with a music background, to create a looping video.
  • Instagram lead advertisements lead passive customers to the original business account.
  • Instagram stories image advertisement promotes your product in the stories, which are viewed by more than 200 million accounts. Instagram stories video advertisement works in a similar way.

Work with popular Instagrammers

Instagram also allows you to collaborate with famous Instagrammers, for effective social media marketing. You can collaborate with them or pay them to promote your brand or product. You can maximize your marketing, by paid partnerships and paid reviews to promote your business as the popular Instagrammers have thousands of followers and those users can get aware of your product and might as well convert from passive customers to potential customers.

Convert followers into customers

  • You can also engage with your competitor's followers, to give them a description of your product and also to aware them of the better products, so that they can come to you again and again. This not only increases your potential customers but also increases the sales rate through social media marketing.
  • You can even emphasize the scarcity of the discounted offers so that more audience is interested in your products. Every marketer and businessman implies this trick to increase the sales rate.

Post at the peak times

  • It is important to engage with the audience at the right time. It is vital to inspect and observe the time at which the users' engagement is at a peak. This helps to gather more followers and potential customers. You can even describe the product's specifics to your followers in that time. Posting the product photos with compelling content might earn you some potential customers.
  • Moreover, Instagram has updated its features. It allows you to add a link in your page's bio, to lead your potential customers directly to your official website.
  • People tend to visit business profiles more at peak engagement time. Instagram allows you to create a compelling bio about your business or product and displays it next to your logo. Make sure to create a compelling introduction to your company or business to attract users.

Final thoughts

Instagram has become the most popular social media channel to promote a business and to captivate millions of potential customers, by the help of photo or video sharing. Instagram is quick and easy to use and offers a wide range of features for effective social media marketing.