Ten years back when I saw Sudha Chandran perform a dance performance, I was awestruck by her grace and clarity. It was only later that my mother mentioned that she was an amputee and was dancing with an artificial leg. I had only seen artificial limbs being used in the Terminator Series, and was not aware that they were used in real life as well.

Albert Einstein said, “it has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” Technology has become such an integral part of our lives, that it has become almost impossible to think of a day without using any kind of technology. And with the rapid growth of technology, it wouldn’t be far when things shown in the reel life would be a part of real life. Here are 10 technologies that were shown in old sci-fi movies that we, at 1Click, believe will become a reality soon.


“If you can’t beat them, build a mechanical exoskeleton and then beat them”. This is the strategy used in Tom Cruise’s latest action film, Edge of Tomorrow. The exosuit is technically made out of standard nylon, high-grade aluminium, and a lightweight polymer. The suit, made out of 350 to 400 components, took five months to create and enables soldiers to effortless running, jumping and smashing of enemies. It is also capable of holding large number of weapons. We believe that Army schools will soon use such exosuits while fighting on the ground.


Almost everyone has seen the 2009 blockbuster movie, Avatar. Though the movie is depicted in the 2154 era on planet Pandora, we believe that the technology of humans using genetically engineered bodies to interact with inhuman creatures will become a reality sooner than 2154. This movie went through a variety of technological developments to create the perfection shown on television. The Avatar team developed a new image-based facial performance capture technology to capture the actor’s expressions. This required the actor to wear a special headgear-rig equipped with a camera, which was then kept inches away from the actor’s face. This would in-turn capture and digitalize every expression expressed by the actor. If our wish comes true, we could very soon be interacting with aliens and other creatures!


In this sci-fi movie, Tony Stark uses the technology from the nuclear reactor at his factory to create nuclear energy. This energy in-turn powers up his heart. Now imagine if this could be done in real life. I am pretty sure all of us would have a strong heart to overcome anything and everything. Well, we believe it will become a reality soon. Very soon we will all be able to power up our hearts using the nuclear energy following which we will all become Iron Man!


Imagine if you could access someone’s subconscious mind. What if you could share the same dream space with your best friend or spouse? What if your dream inter-connects with the other person’s dream? This creates an interlap between the actions in the real and dream worlds. Well, this is the concept used in Leonardo DiCaprio’s Inception, and we believe and hope this technology will soon come true. Who knows you could soon be sharing a dream space with your room-mate.


What would you do if the Government could hear everything you said? What would you do if the Government installed cameras and used technology to spy on you? What if the Government could track every move of yours? Scary? Well, we believe that will come true in the near future. Very soon, automation will lead to the destruction of the world and artificial intelligence species will evolve into higher species. So be careful of the words you use. If you can’t remove the battery from your phones!


Imagine if you could go back to time and change the past as it happened. What would you want to change? Maybe you could heal a wound in a relationship. Or maybe you could stop a tragedy from happening. Well, we do understand travelling back in time is next to impossible. However, we sincerely hope this happens, so that a few wounds can be healed, a few incidents could be avoided and a few new relationships can be built


Whose mind would you want to enter into if you had the technology to do so? What if you could find out the identity of a terrorist by living through another man’s consciousness? Well, it all does sound strange and impossible, but scientists now believe that modern science could atleast let us take a peek at, and even play around with, someone else’s consciousness. Well, we definitely hope this technology is created fast so that we can play aroun d each other’s consciousness for a while!


Robots are today used as personal assistants, for entertainment, as supertoys and for educational purposes. But very soon, we believe, humanoid robots will also be created, just like those in the Terminator movies. Very soon you will have to be more careful about who you are going out with. Hopefully it wouldn’t be a human robot holding your hands or putting you off to sleep!


I am sure all of us have been blown off from our seats while watching Batman’s entry in the Dark Knight Rises. The amazing hydraulics used in his bike, the huge weapons fitted and the humongous radial tires that can spin 360 degrees were truly objects of wonder. We hope and pray similar bikes will be on the roads sooner or later. Imagine riding a black huge bike with even bigger tires that can spin 360 degrees! WOW!


Imagine if you had all the energy in the world. Energy comparable to that of hydrogen and atomic source of energy. How cool would that be! Well, we believe energy comparable to that of Allspark from Transformers will soon be a reality. Though a lot of these predictions maybe near impossible, technology has already grown to an unimaginable level. So why would we want to underestimate the power of technology, when it has already proved its capabilities n-number of times.

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