Live Chat Softwares for Customer Support Business

Live Chat Softwares for Customer Support Business

A live chat software, like I mentioned earlier, is any business’ best friend. It helps business’ stay in constant touch with their customers, giving birth to a healthy and steady relationship. A live chat software, be it audio or video, also allows business’ to improve the online customer support they provide customers with. How? Well, to start with, today despite the rising number of e-commerce websites, customers still prefer a brick-and-mortar retail store. The reason is pretty simple – because the brick-and-mortar retail stores provide customers with a personal touch. A live chat software enables business’ to provide this human touch on an e-commerce website. Hence by keeping the customer satisfied and by providing customers with what they desire, business’ automatically improve customer support.

However, just like the mushrooming number of e-commerce websites, there are also several live chat softwares to choose from. Zopim, Olark, LiveChat, 1Click, Velaro, Anytalk, Hey Bubble, ProvdeSupport, LiveZilla and so on. So how do business’ know which one to choose from the already huge yet increasing list? How do business’ know if these live chat softwares actually practice what they preach? In simple words how do business’ know if a live chat software is good enough to spend money on? Well, one simple way is by word of mouth. Another method is by learning from your competitors. If your competitor is using it, it should be amazing and it is reason enough for your business too to incorporate with it. Here are five live chat softwares that will help any business increase sales and boost customer support.


Live Text Video Audio Chat

1Click’s live video chat turned out to be a huge success on the web portal. It is now time to look at the iOS application which is now available in the App store. The app helps developers create apps that will enable mobile customers to experience real time face-to-face communication. This 32bit eco-system works well on all versions of Apple’s iPad and iPhones, though for the best resolution one should use the latest versions. To receive the API key for the SDK application, the customer must sign up to us.1click.io. The iOS application provides customers with both video as well as voice messaging, hence improving customer support. So now all iPad and iPhone users can enjoy the video experience in real time, and business’ can use this application to help boost sales and customer support.


For a startup or a medium-scaled business, money is an important factor. And to spend several notes of money on a live chat software that is not worth it, is a big loss for a small scale business. But if there is a live chat software that enables business’ to include everything into one complete package, it would be a blessing in disguise. This live chat software is called LiveHelpNow. This live chat software enables business’ to do everything, from customization to translation to triggers for customers, LiveHelpNow is essentially a collaboration of everything to boost customer support. LiveHelpNow also has an extension called Social Insights which helps agents view the customer’s Facebook and other social profiles. This helps agents determine if the customer is a frequent visitor or a new visitor. In brief, LiveHelpNow is definitely an amazing tool for business’ of all sizes to help improve customer support.


One of the first live chat softwares available, this software could pinch a bit in your pocket. However, it promises amazing feature, to increase customer support, for the money it asks for. With an integration with Salesforce and Facebook, LivePerson has a variety of analytical tools that will help agents understand how to improve on service. These tools will help agents understand the reason for apprehension within the customers, and what is stopping them from incorporating with the live chat software. This, obviously, helps in boosting sales. One unique feature of LivePerson to improve customer support is that it provides one agent to each customer who stays with the customer throughout. Hence the customer builds a sense of trust and relationship with the agent. This feature is uniquely provided by 1Click’s live video chat as well, by enabling a customer to get back to the same agent a second time.


Like I mentioned earlier, money is an important aspect for small scale business’ and startups. Another major issue for startups is to create an image in the industry. And WebsiteAlive helps business’ scream out their presence to the others. WebsiteAlive helps those entrepreneurs who manage several tasks. This live chat software provides for proactive chat, mobile and real-time email notification and several customization options. All this without any coding. Though this too is a comparatively expensive option, WebsiteAlive is a must-have for those entrepreneurs who have more than one website.


Zopim, is one of the most famous and widely used live chat software. In my previous article on live chat softwares, I had mentioned why Zopim is an added advantage for business’, especially startups. The wide range of features that it presents to its customers is definitely an add-on to any business. The live text chat software is compatible with both the web as well as the mobile device and has an offline support alongwith a transcript of the entire chat history. This live chat software promises an easy set-up process compared to all its competitors, hence, giving it an upper hand. No doubt this will not only help a business to boost sales, but will also help in improving their customer support.

So go ahead and incorporate with the best choice in the industry. Do not forget to try out our iOS app as well, which is sure to blow your mind, just like the web chat did.