Today, gaming is an important part of everyone’s life, especially for the youth. And along with gaming, comes a lot of other security issues such as account hacking and loss of account information. This makes customer care for these gaming companies a very important aspect, to have a reliable online customer support that customers can look up to in such extreme situations. EA is a common support text chat used by most gaming companies. However, there have been several complaints from customers about the failed support text chat provided by EA, especially when a customer’s account is stolen or hacked. Here is a transcript from one such customer who was a victim of the failed support text chat provided by EA, when his account was stolen.

Customer: Anyone here?
Agent: Hi. Welcome to EA Customer Service, this is Venus. Can I please have your name?
Customer: My name is ****. I would like assistance in recovering a hacked account. My other accounts email was changed without my permission
Agent: Hi ****, I am sorry to hear that your account has been hacked. Could you please tell me what account you are referring to?
Customer: **** was the email before it was changed. And the name of the account was ****. I have my cd-key to FIFA 13 as proof that it is my account
Agent: I am sorry but are you referring to your origin account?
Customer: Yes
Agent: Can you please provide the origin ID you used for that account?
Customer: the origin ID for that account is ****
Agent: Okay. Thanks! Here is what I can do. Since this is with regard to your origin account being hacked, I will transfer you to the appropriate department for further investigation
Customer: Sure, thank you for that
Agent: Do you have any other concerns, before I transfer this chat session?
Customer: No, but thank you for your assistance
Agent: You’re welcome!

Please wait while we get this chat session where it needs to go. You are now ready to chat with Akhil.

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Agent: Thanks for contacting EAHelp! My name is Akhil how may I help you?
Customer: Hello
Agent: Hello ****
Customer: My name is **** and I am posting from this account due to my other account getting hacked. And I wonder if I could get help in getting it back
Agent: **** I apologize for the inconvenience caused. I will do my best to address your concern. Please provide me the game code listed on your account
Customer: What is my game code? Is that a cd-key for one of my games?
Agent: Yes
Customer: Ok. Following is my FIFA 13 cd-key
Agent: Thank you for the key
Customer: ****
Agent: Thank you
Customer: No problem
Agent: Please provide me the date of birth listed in the account
Customer: ****. My secret code was **** and the answer was ****
Agent: Thank you. Could you please answer the following questions:
How many players are on the team?
How many rare players are on your team?
How many staff are employed?
How many Stadia are owned?
Customer: I don’t really know that. All I know is I had a full team of gold players, which included 5-6 rare players. Staff employed I can’t remember and I had a Hangkuk stadia.
Agent: I apologize without verification we are not able to make any changes
Customer: What? So you can’t change my email back if I don’t remember all that information? I can type which rare players I had if you want to
Agent: I really apologize as per our policies we are not able to make any changes
Customer: Hmm well ok I will do my best in answering the question then. Full team + bench+ reserves is 22 players
Agent: Incorrect answer
Customer: My gold players included Djourou (Arsenal), Giroud (Arsenal) Ramires, Defoe, Sigurdsson, Holliet, Richardsson
Agent: We required the correct numbers of players
Customer: 23 players, 7 rare players
Agent: Still incorrect answer

Please find the complete transcript of the conversation here.

Now let’s look at the situation had the company been using a live chat software like 1Click. For starters, the customer lost a lot of his valuable time initially, just because he was in the wrong department. 1Click’s live video chat enables companies to create separate departments and based on the customer’s problems, they can be directly directed to the particular department, saving the customer’s time.

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In this particular example, the customer has spent money to integrate with the particular game that was lost. Hence, it would be completely disheartening when the customer support is unable to help you and refund the money. Ensure your customers do not face similar situations by incorporating with a live video chat software.