‘We would prefer an audio CRM software rather than a video CRM software’. This was what one of our could-have-been-future client told one of my colleague when asked if they would be interested in incorporating with our video CRM software. Well, we take it in our stride and understand that they do not understand the need for a video CRM software, but we believe it to be our duty to repeat the advantages for e-commerce websites if they incorporated with a video CRM software over just an audio CRM software. Here are five of those advantages.


Remember, I had written an article few weeks back on how e-commerce websites can bring back the human touch by incorporating with video conferencing and, in the process, improve customer loyalty. I began that article by writing the customer is the only boss for any business. And if the boss wants a brick-and-mortar retail store feeling, that’s what the business employees should give them. By incorporating with video CRM, business’ can provide their customers with this personal touch, which is otherwise absent in an e-commerce website. After all, doesn’t it make it more personal when a person can see the individual s/he is talking to rather than just a conversation over telephone or an email?


Today during our weekly meeting, Rishi mentioned an interesting point. He could very well ask all of us to send him an email on the weekly plan from each department. We would have to spend around half an hour composing the mail, Rishi would spend another half an hour to read it and reply to the mail and then another half an hour for us to read the reply. A face-to-face half an hour meeting with the entire team would save a lot of our time and make it much more personal. This is the exact same advantage of using a video CRM software over an audio CRM software or a conversation over email. Apart from saving time, a video CRM software also enables larger participation. Through an audio CRM software, a meeting can involve a maximum of three to four individuals. Also, such a long audio conversation can make the meeting messy and unorganized. However, with a video CRM software, business’ can include atleast eight individuals and can conduct neat, well-prepared and well-mannered meetings.


I recently bought a mobile phone from Flipkart. The phone literally created a hole in my purse, and it was a huge risk I was taking to buy such an expensive phone without even having a look at it. Maybe, if I could have spoken to a Flipkart person before I bought the phone, I would have felt a lot more assured and confident about buying it online. This is how a video CRM software comes handy. If Flipkart incorporates a video CRM software, like 1click, to its website, and has an employee on the other side to whom the customer can talk to, the employee can re-assure its customer about the purchase and the safe delivery of the product. The customer can get his/her queries and doubts answered immediately and it gives more credibility to see the person providing you with the solution rather than just an email with the solution.


Like I mentioned in my previous point, video CRM increases customer’s access to experts in the field. Every business makes mistakes. But what makes business’ successful is to learn from those mistakes and not repeat them. And incorporating with video CRM is an excellent way to identify and understand the mistakes made. Through this video CRM, customers can contact business employees, convey their compliments, complaints and considerations for better management and service. By providing the right answer at the right time by the right people, business’ can increase their customer support service. Hence, video CRM helps in providing these right answers which will help increase credibility and customer support. You could probably provide this through a telephone or email conversation, but if you want a personal touch and save money and time by allowing larger participation and better credibility, it would be better to incorporate with a video CRM software.


I have mentioned this several times and I am repeating it since few e-commerce websites are still doubtful. Recording video conversations will help business’ teach their newbies and trainees how not to conduct business in the corporate world. An audio conversation or email exchanges will not help business’ in doing this, and the record button is one of the best feature of any video CRM, which is one of the main advantages of this software.

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