What does a customer do if he needs to contact your business online? How long does it take for you to support and engage with your customer online?

The concept of a live customer service chat was brought about to bridge this gap between your customer and you so that you can ensure speedy delivery and service right through your website. What if you greeted the customer with a video chat? The whole concept of a live video customer service gives a very effective touch point online where you can get to meet the customer and add that personal touch to your business.

With this Infographic we would like to help you understand how your business can benefit from live chat services online because customer service live chat online are built to deliver speedy and prompt assistance to your customers. Apart from using collaboration tools to help you with providing service that gives you the chance to take your customers hand and show him or her around  your website, you also have the opportunity to delight your customer right through one conversation!

Stats show that one delighted customer can deliver more than 20% of your revenue online, as delighted customers can become key influences for other customers engaging with your business. Live customer service also allows you to understand your customer’s sentiments on what your product does for them, which gives your marketing team key insights into what really attracts your customer to the products or services.



Live Customer Service

Live Customer Service