“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand”.

This quote has been repeated too many times in this blog. The reason, though, is very simple. We want to emphasize on the importance and relevance of customer support services for businesses. We have spoken a lot about the various advantages of integrating video calling services to business’, from saving time to money and yet staying close to customers. Here are six other important characteristics that will further emphasize the importance of integrating video calling services to business websites.


Business’ use various webRTC live chat softwares to converse with their customers. And the customer, in turn, tell their expectations, requirements and appreciations to the person on the other side of the screen. Customers expect business’ to keep their expectations and requirements secured and confidential. Security is a key feature which every video calling software provides. These softwares make sure all audio and video exchanges between business’ and customers are secured. However, we at 1Click go an extra mile to ensure this security to business’ videos and audios. With our video calling software,

– business’ can encrypt connection with 128-bit encryption

– the connection used is TLS 1.2


During a recent meeting, we at 1Click, were weighing between quality and quantity, and we decided quality was much more important than quantity. Similarly, all webRTC video chat software pledges on providing quality video conversations to business’. Though all video calling softwares have their minute defects, almost all of them make sure there is good video and audio quality and also that the software runs smoothly. We, at 1Click ensure good quality video conversations.

– we can support 480P, 720P and 1080P standard resolutions

– we provide good quality video conferencing over a very minimal bandiwdth


A good bandwidth is required for clear and quality-ensured video conference. With lower bandwidth comes lesser cost for both the provider as well as the user and less disturbance due to noise and fluctuations. For any webRTC video conferencing software, a minimum of 128 Kbps bandwidth is required to get a decent quality video call at 15 frames per second. For better quality video, such as 30 frames per second, a bandwidth of 256 Kbps is required. With a minimum of 300 Kbps bandwidth, business’ can use 1Click’s video calling services to conduct video conferences with their customers, partners, employees or even potential employees.


All webRTC video calling software provides complete control to the business or users. For example, once business’ integrate 1Click with their website, then the business’ have complete control over their conversations and documents that are shared. The video conversations can also be customized as and when the business’ feel its requirement. With our video calling service, business’ have a wide variety of options to chose from. They can either make the conversation groups closed or open, they can conduct document sharing, they can make it a video or an audio-only conversation and so on and so forth. So by integrating video calling services to websites, business’ not just get closer to their customers and clients, they also get complete control of the conversations. With out video calling services, business’ can,

– enjoy complete admin and remote control of all video conversations

– add/remove company logo

– our video calling software integrates smoothly into any website or product

– enjoy complete APi/SDK access


One of the finest features of all video calling software is the ‘record’ feature, Business’ might conduct around 50 video calls per day and it wouldn’t be possible for them to remember every detail of every call. Hence, the record feature acts like their silver wand. The record feature on any video calling software allows business’ to record video conversations which can later be previewed again and reviewed. We, at 1Click enables business’ to store each recorded video conversation for 90 days. However, like I mentioned earlier, business’ are free to change and attain complete control of this duration based on their needs. No copy of the recording will be provided, which ensures complete safety of the recorded video conversations. Only those users who have the URL to the recorded clip can access the conversations.


Any webRTC video calling software is workable on any browser or mobile device making it available at any place. Any video calling software can also work on any operating system making it completely OS agnostic too. Our video calling software does not require any installations or plug-ins. The only requirement is a fully compliant HTML5 browser, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. However, 1Click may not work on Internet Explorer and Safari as they are not compatible with the technology used in HTML5. Similarly 1Click can work with any mobile phone that has Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox installed in it. However, any webRTC video calling software can proudly boast of being completely operating system and device agnostic.

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1Click is the best video conferencing solution for businesses. Cloud and webRTC based our video calling software lets businesses customize the web conference rooms, record video calls, multipoint face to face video chat without any software installation, and cross-platform video conferencing so that one wouldn’t worry what OS the other person is using. Our video plugin, video calling API and SDK enables video, audio, and text on any website or mobile app. Video web conferencing has never been easier before. Experience the power of real-time communication on your browser through 1CLICK.

A few business applications: video interviewing, video hiring, online sales demo, live streaming, sharing tutorials, education & research, remote web conferencing, telepresence, teleconference, video call recording, enabling two parties on your website or platform interact, video customer relationship management (video CRM), customer service, video FAQ, video captcha, and so on.

1Click.io is pluggable video infrastructure and browser based video call solution for business. 1Click humanizes video business interactions and coverts your browser into a new conference room. Connect with customers across all devices through voice, video & text. Our video calling software for business is the best enterprise-level B2B live video solution. Experience the simplicity of 1Click video calling in your browser and in your workflow. Visit our demo page.

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