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Best Applications for Businesses 2018

Best Applications for Businesses 2018

In the world of business today, technology aids in performing a business task and as such making the job easier. Smartphones, software, and laptops are among a few of these technologies that make carrying out business tasks easier.

When it comes to business, smartphones and tablets are playing an important role in the increase of productivity. There are business apps designed for mobile devices which will help users increase theirefficiency. In this article, we will recommend mobile apps that help increase business productivity.

Audio Memos

An app for voice recording for Android and iOS devices. It’s not difficult to use as it has just a simple and instinctive interface.

Features of this app:

  • It shows the date, time, and size of audio records.
  • Users can make recordings up to 44100 Hz in high quality.
  • Recordings can be done even when mobile devices are in sleep mode.
  • Gives users the ability to share audio recordings via email or upload them to Dropbox.


EverNote is used for the purpose of creating and taking notes either. It serves as an electronic diary. It comprises of a lot of components which include:

  • Creation of notes. Users are able to create notes right away from their smartphones, tablets or laptops. They can also record audio during meetings. With the aid of a stylus, users can create written notes.
  • Scan documents. With EverNote, there is an additional third-party application called Scannable which enables individuals to capture pictures of documents quickly and transforming of this picture into high-quality scans that are ready to be uploaded or exported.
  • With Evernote Web Clipper, users can screenshot online articles, images, important emails or web pages.


It’s an app that transforms data from any source that is difficult to interpret into charts or graphs which allows for a more comprehensible report.

Key features include:

  • Creation of executive reports and presentations.
  • Easily transfer data to coworkers.
  • You can gain offline access which means accessible reports, presentations or data at any time.
  • Data can be taken from Excel, Spreadsheets, and databases.


LectureNotes users are able to take down information by handwriting and with the use of a stylus, it makes taking business notes and presentations way easier.

Features include:

  • Smooth writing and typing on multiple pages simultaneously.
  • Ability to import and export files, for easy sharing or to save to device.
  • Users can create folders and name notebook however they want.
  • Turn your mobile devices into an electronic notebook.


CLoudOn is an application that enables users to access documents saved to cloud storage providers such as Google Drive and Dropbox. CloudOn is integrated to such services and thus allows Office documents to be viewed in real-time.

VPN Services

When it comes to business, security and privacy are topmost priorities. Thus, we recommend the use Of Paid VPNs. Why is the use of a paid VPN important?

  • Data Security. To protect and secure the company’s important information and data from third-party. The use of paid VPNs ensures that employees are not hacked.
  • Business travels. For a business with mobile employees, it is important to provide a private server that employees can use in interacting with business headquarters without any implications or infringements. To keep a distinct and safe connection the use of paid VPN is employed.
  • Changing Virtual location. Sometimes, for businesses with several branches and remote workers, it is usually difficult to access files. Thus, sometimes it is necessary to change locations so that they can link up to the main business server. Also, when there is an online meeting for staffs, those staffs traveling or remote staffs will need to use VPN so they can attend this meeting.