Open Standards based group video calling

We at work hard to find the right balance between open standards and optimum user experience. Our video calling software confirms to leading internet standards to bring a great call experience to you.

Internet engineering task force complies to HTML5 and WebRTC standards for browser based video and voice calling. We support SRTP for secure exchange of video and voice packets. We support VP8 video codec and Opus audio codec. Our video calling service is built using javascript which works seamlessly on Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox. We support Apple's HTTP Live Streaming for playback of recorded videos. The signaling between browser and service uses DTLS. The website itself is on secure HTTP (https).

Merits and De-merits

Open Standards allows industry best practices available across all software. support for open standards ensures any modern browser will work out of the box with service. Our WebRTC compliance gives us the confidence to interop with any other WebRTC service provider. Open Standards complaiance allows other devices like routers, firewalls to seamlessly manage traffic. Our support for H.264 video and AAC audio codecs ensures playback on any iOS or Android device.

Skype is a proprietary software which allows voice calling from desktop and mobile. Enterprises and small businessed find it difficult to manage Skype as it becomes difficult to manage its bandwidth usage and track insecure calls through the network. Skype makes it difficult for any other software or device to interop with it.