Recording video call

Many business use cases need the ability to record conversation for audit or review purpose. Recruiter wants to record the interview, student would like to record the teacher interaction, board members need to record the board meeting for audit purpose.

Standard format for recording and playback:'s video calling software for businesses supports recording of single participant's monologue or multiple participants in group video call. Live video or audio calls with upto 8 participants can be recorded. The recording is stored in reliable and secure storage. The recordings can be accessed by the call administrator either on the dashboard or using an authorised API. stores the video in standard H.264 video codec and AAC audio codec. The video can be played back on your browser or Android or iOS device. supports Apple's HTTP Live streaming technology to ensure best experience for video playback.

Use cases:

1. Video interview:

Recruiter schedules an interview with the candidate and the hiring manager. At the scheduled time, hiring manager starts a video call on with the candidate. The 45 mins interview is recorded and is available for playback within minutes. The recruiter can then provide the interview recording to the HR manager for review.

2. Online learning Q & A session:

Student schedules a video chat with the online course teacher. The teacher explains the problem and discusses various solutions with the student in the live video call. The student requests the teacher for a permission to record the video call. After the end of the session, the student decides to playback the recording to improve his learning.

3. Board meetings:

Many countries allow board meetings to be conducted over audio bridge. India allows board meetings to be conducted over video calls. It makes sense to record these meetings for audit purposes. allows you to record group video calls of upto 8 participants.