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My grandfather was critically ill recently. Thankfully my aunt knew how to provide him with Caridopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Had she not known, I wonder what we would have done, since none of us were aware of how to provide a CPR at the time of emergency.

In this technologically active world, medicine, especially emergency treatment, is an aspect that is given very little importance. Video conferencing is one such technique to overcome this problem. With the free live chat software services provided by us, people can create videos of the little medical knowledge that they have. With the record feature we provide, people can also record these videos and provide an archive of these videos for people to view and learn from. Here are a few advantages of making a medical archive for better healthcare.


A picture speaks a thousand words. This is because people remember things better when they see it rather than just hearing about it. Similarly, these recorded videos can be a library for junior doctors to learn from. The junior doctors can learn what to do and what not to do from the experts themselves. This helps them see the future that lies ahead of them before experiencing it. By learning these tips, tricks, do’s and don’ts, these junior doctors are sure to become experts in their area of expertise sooner than otherwise.


Like I said in the beginning of this article, having videos that show emergency treatments will be a definite help bystanders act immediately during a time of need. Having an archive of videos showing how to provide a CPR, how to dress a wound and what to do and what not to do with a broken leg or hand can help the patient recover faster, and at times can save the life of the patient. Ofcourse you should be a bit brave too to handle the blood and puss! Here is a video that demonstartes how to provide a CPR.


You and I might be extremely lucky to spend lakhs of money to get into a medical school. But there could be many such unfortunate people who do not have the good fortune to get into a medical college. These archived videos may not be a complete lesson for these children, but it could definitely be a guide for these children to learn the basics for becoming a doctor. This could in turn improve the healthcare facilities in the world.

Aspiring Doctors

This youtube of medical videos may not be a necessity, but it will definitely be a helping hand at a time of emergency. Why would you want to wait for an emergency and be lost when you have the opportunity of creating a guide that will help you when you need it. So go ahead and make those videos of those small medical details that you have learnt in the course of time.

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