Benefits of Being an Entrepreneur

Today is 21st of August, a very special day for entrepreneurs. For all those who are unaware, today is World Entrepreneurship Day, a day for entrepreneurs, a day to celebrate those who dared to travel alone in the business world. It is a day for founders, managers, producers, contractors, industrialists, innovators, administrators and designers. It is a day to spread awareness about entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership.

Well we, being a startup ourselves, always tried to boost the morale of entrepreneurs. We gave a little bit of first-hand advice to all those budding startup entrepreneurs – listen to your customers. Your customers are the reason you started your company and it is your customers that will help grow your business. For all those ladies who dream about starting their own business but are hesitant to become entrepreneurs, here is an article that will boost your morale. If all of these women too took a back seat, we wouldn’t have Slideshare, OneFourty, LearnVest and Poshmark.


So why exactly do we need a special day for entrepreneurs. There are a lot of people I know who do not think there is a need for a separate day for founders and entrepreneurs. Well, we have special days for mothers, fathers, dead Presidents, ghostly pumpkins and even lovey-dovey couples. So why not for those people who were bold to take the courageous step of not following the crowd and sitting in an air-conditioned room bearing the brunt of an evil boss? They had the guts to take the road less travelled and start his/her business from scratch. Imagine what all of us would have done without Facebook. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg’s brilliant idea and bold determination, today we have one of the finest social media site to keep in touch with our dear and near ones.

Anatomy of an Entrepreneur

Many at times people are hesitant about working in a startup organization. Will I get my salary in time? How secured will the job be? Well, if these are the worries bothering someone who has to join a startup company, imagine the hurdles put in front of an entrepreneur. S/he leaves his well-settled previous job, spends several dollars on starting up his company and then of course there is the pressure of sustaining and expanding the company. What drives these entrepreneurs is taking up this risk? The driving force is the effective leadership, as it is only those leaders who have the vision, resources, skills, ability, determination and courage to invest the needed energy and money into building up a new company.

Starting a new business involves selfless and no-expectation decisions. Leaving a well-paying and comfortable life to start from scratch means nurturing fresh ideas and new businesses. But what surpasses all of these benefits is that the true leader is now building newer and better products for the future generation. It is only if new products are made that there is an increase in GDP and tax revenue for the public sector. Hence, yes, we definitely need a special day for entrepreneurs. Not just so that people realize the hard work and courage put forward by these young men and women but also because they too deserve a day for themselves, where they can just relax and work towards building their dream. And not everyone has the courage to make their dream a reality. So once again, we wish all you daring entrepreneurs a very happy entrepreneurship day!