WebRTC for Businesses

on November 29th, 2013

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is browser on steroids! It is “Skype” and “Cisco” telepresence in the browser. Web Real Time Communication or WebRTC enables browser-to-browser rich media communication. Myriad of companies are currently known to be working on WebRTC. Internet’s leading working group charters, W3C’s Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) and IETF’s Real-Time Communication in WEB-browsers (Rtcweb), are working towards standardizing  rich media communication for the next generation browsers.

Who is supporting WebRTC?

Leading internet companies have been on the forefront for adopting WebRTC. Browsers from Google, Mozilla, Opera are supporting WebRTC. Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox support WebRTC on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Chrome and Firefox now support WebRTC on Android, thus extending the reach of your video based business applications to mobile platform. They see it as a critical milestone on the journey to making web application a first class citizen on desktops and mobile platforms. Developers are unanimously supporting Web Real Time Communication. As per a recent survey, three in four developers are expected to increase their WebRTC usage over the next one year. Microsoft, despite the support for its CU-WebRTC proposal, has been very slow in pushing WebRTC support inside Internet Explorer. Apple has been tongue-tied on WebRTC support. Nevertheless, WebRTC is surging ahead into the future of a plugin-free communication world!

Why WebRTC?

Large telecom vendors, videoconferencing companies, et al. are jumping onto the WebRTC bandwagon. The leap is justified because Web Real Time Communication provides a browser based video client to the videoconferencing ecosystem. WebRTC is a step in the right direction of the plugin free audio/video capability inside a browser. But the videoconferencing companies simply see WebRTC as a replacement for their current softphone clients.

What is 1Click?

1Click is a pluggable and configurable video infrastructure company. We at 1Click firmly believe, collaboration should be at the core of every business process and it has to be in-context and seamless. The traditional belief is that people get done more when they meet in person; we want to debunk that belief wrong. We have set out to facilitate remote collaboration that is as productive as in person meetings, if not more!

On the web platform, the boundaries between native applications and web applications are blurring. WebRTC is fast becoming a key to unlocking the full potential of a desktop and mobile platform for web applications. It is an essential tool in the HTML5 based web application toolbox. This tool brings live video/audio communication to web applications through native support in browser. Browsers are the portals to the internet. They enable business applications which can run on mobiles or desktop platforms without any download. By letting the video and audio components on computing platform be controlled by web applications, WebRTC opens up immense opportunities for collaboration based business applications.

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