hidden wonders of video conferencing

We have been talking and reading about the various ways in which video conferencing can be used. It can be used for face to face communication, for a more personalized meeting and for better sales. We have also spoken about the various benefits of using video calls as part of your business and how it helps in saving time and money. But, well, who didn’t know all of these right?

But have you ever wondered how court proceedings would look like if it was done via video conferences? Or have you ever wanted to interview an individual for your English news channel, but couldn’t because you did not know the individual’s spoken language? Have you ever thought of using a video conference with a translator for this purpose? Have you heard that video conferencing is also used to teach Indian music to children in Japan from the maestros in India? Interesting and unique ways to use video conferences right? Here are five unheard ways to use video conferences to your benefit. After all, who asked us not to think out of the box!


Imagine the risk and security involved every time Ajmal Kasab was brought to the Supreme Court for hearing. Imagine the number of culprits that have escaped while presenting them to the court. Now, imagine if these court proceedings were held via video conferencing. Wouldn’t it have saved the law process a lot of risk and security requirements. Video conferencing can also be used in attorney-client meetings, preliminary hearings and depositions. This could not just save the risk, it could also be a great time-saver when attorneys are too busy to visit the client in the prison. Let’s think of another hypothetical situation. What if the culprit isn’t proficient in the same language as that of the Judge or attorney. The court need not spend money to bring a translator to the court. They can just converse with the translator via video conferencing. This makes life a lot more easier, doesn’t it?


Next time you are planning to send your resume to your dream company, do remember, gone are those days of boring, traditional resumes where you write pages and pages of your educational qualifications and professional experience. Today, companies don’t just want to know about your educational background and interests. They want to know how you speak even before a personal interview, they want to know how creative you are and how their company would benefit to have you as a part of their company. And video conferencing is the best tool for that. Through a video resume, you can showcase your fluency in the language, your body language, your creativity and your educational background. Do not hesitate to play along the normal sections of about me, education, interests and expectations. Here is an amazing example of an out-of-the-box video resume.


My grandfather has been ill for a while now. The pain he goes through every time he has to wait to see the doctor is excruciating, both for him as well as for us, onlookers. If only the doctors enabled video conferencing to meet his frequent patients. What about those young and old population who are living in rural areas? How can they be neglected of good healthcare facilities? Sometimes I wished doctors would take some time to think about technology and its benefits to them. Also, use those benefits. Healthcare is one sector where video conferencing could be widely used. Interpreters and translators are so commonly used in the health sector that video conferencing can be a huge boon for their pocket. Through video conferencing, interpreters can help linguistically challenged patients communicate with the health staff members. Be it for conversing on what the doctor is saying or for translating medical information, video interpreters can help these patients be informed about their health condition. All, but one, medical school was destroyed during the 2010 Haiti earthquake. This video shows how a non-profit organization used video conferencing to educate Haitian medical students, who in turn helped the trained medical personnels.


My friend recently visited Ireland and had a tough time to converse with the local people because of the language constraint. If only he had spoken to a translator, who knew Irish Gaelic, via video conferencing, his trip to Ireland would have been a lot more memorable and fun. Many at times, people want to visit places but do not think of the linguistic constraints. This is where a video translator will come handy. It is time-conserving, definitely money-saver and a sure shot to a much better trip.


Are you settled in Japan, and yet want your children to learn Carnatic music from the Kings in India? Why would you just keep wishing for it when you can make it possible through the video conferencing system? My father, who isn’t residing in India, learns flute lessons from his Guru in India through video conferencing. Video conferencing for education doesn’t just end there. Schools and colleges have now started using video conferences to help students learn on topics better. What better way to learn Chemistry than from listening to lectures from successful chemists right? Technology has reached up to all of your whims and requirements. Then why wouldn’t you want to use all of those opportunities? This video shows how video conferencing has helped encourage children to learn more and how this service has helped the school gain the highest attendance rate.

Almost all of these situations can be fulfilled with a translator or interpreter who is present with you at the time of need. But, isn’t that what video conferencing is all about. It helps in saving time, money and is convenient to use. All of these situations could also be hypothetical. Some of them could even be extremely hypothetical, maybe near impossible. But we have reached a stage where time is not far when hypothetical situations become a reality. Our video calling system enables businesses an easy and uninterrupted video conferencing system that does not require any downloads or installations.

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