#5 Reasons Why Video Calls are Important for Businesses

on December 16th, 2013

#1 Save Time – Gone are those days when company executives used to travel to distant places for meetings! The desk is the hub of any and every meeting now. Video calling is the significant tool for saving travel time. This time can be put to use productively in the development of the business and spending time with family. With the advent of WebRTC, video calls are just one click away! Now video calling requires no download and is completely plugin free.

#2 Save Money – Cabs, travel fare, hotels, meals and other miscellaneous expenses are an essential part of every business travel. More the people travelling out of town for meeting purposes, more is the cost. Instead of just one representative of the company going and attending the meeting, how productive would it be, if all the people involved in a project could collaborate in a single video call. The call can be recorded for future references, documents shared can be tracked, number of participants can be decided and the whole call can be customized as per company requirement. Why meet just once, when you can meet many times?


#3 Ubiquitous – Ubiquitous literally means “present everywhere”. WebRTC based video calls are present on all of your devices, on your favorite browser, and any place you physically are. Whether you use your desktop, laptop or mobile, video calls are just one click away and on the go.


#4 Scalable – Cloud based services scale on demand. Do not worry about busy conference rooms or scheduling a room ahead of time. Anytime you need to make a video call, the scalability of cloud allows you to do so. Cloud based services are built on platforms used by thousands of other services. So these platforms have evolved to be more robust and reliable.


#5 Analytics – Detailed analysis of the parameters of a video call allows you to understand usage pattern. Usage pattern could help you predict and automatically schedule video calls. Usage patterns could let you understand the most productive and collaborative hours in a work day. Audio mining could uncover sentiments in large number of recorded video calls. A sentiment analysis performed on the call can predict whether the call was tending to the negative or positive side, which party interacted the most and whether or not the call lead to any conversion (in a business-customer scenario). This analysis can be performed  in real time and post processing.


Are you all set to give your business the edge of a video call? 1Click is here to enable all your needs!

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  • Prabhanshu Gupta

    Hi, preety good blog. We are alo working under the same domian , WebRTC enabled Trinngr aims to taking ahead the concept of Just Telephony.