“The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer”- Peter Drucker

A friend of mine, who was a user of Airtel for the past 10 years, recently had an issue with their service. But for some reason, their customer care service could not solve this and instead became irrational about it . As a result, Airtel lost one of its most trusted customers to Vodafone, one of their biggest competitors in the Indian telecommunication market.

I am sure that a lot of us have suffered the brunt of long, awaiting customer care service calls at some point or the other. 1Click video customer relationship management (CRM) software now provides every business with the tools of video CRM to know your customer’s complaints, suggestions and compliments. All your business needs is a computer, internet connection, and 1Click software to provide customer support service similar to that of a Fortune500’s while you are still on your way to replacing one.


All of us have had a tough time trying to learn the concepts of a cube back in our younger days. Probably if we were taught the concept of using scrabble coins, it would have been a lot easier to grasp. The mere art of showing the concept rather than just explaining it through words makes it easier to understand. That is exactly what 1Click.io is trying to achieve through its video call service.

Customers do not just want to buy products. She/he wants to interact with businesses. Customer wants to see and talk to their sellers. By integrating 1Click.io with your website, businesses can now give their customers an authentic platform to express their views, suggestions and appreciations. Say goodbye to those monotonous customer service tactics where you have to spend money to visit a place and meet people. We make sure you save your time and money and yet remain loyal to your customers, in a much better and economical way.


Communicating with your customers is of utmost importance.


I would be frustrated too if I had to speak to a 100 customers everyday and be expected to remember all their complaints, suggestions or compliments by the end of the day.

Have no fear when 1Click.io is here. By integrating 1Click.io to your website, businesses can now record their conversations and archive them in their cloud, which can be reviewed today, tomorrow or even after a week. The archived conversations will also help businesses come up with possible permanent solutions to a particular issue conveyed by several customers.


Our video CRM software’s recording feature helps you understand your customer better. A person’s body language conveys a lot more than just words. This is probably why people prefer to see the person they are talking to rather than just write a blurb or testimonial on the same. The next time you are building a new product, make sure to go through your recorded conversations to understand your customer’s requirements and expectations.


For example, Dainik Bhaskar grew to be one of India’s best selling newspaper because of its unique feature of customer participation. They made sure to go to as many households as possible and ask for their expectations from a leading newspaper. By integrating 1Click.io to your website, you can go through all the recorded conversations and build a product of your customer’s expectations and requirements.

Use 1Click.io to provide that human touch to help business markets grow. It’s effortless. It’s frictionless. It’s customer friendly. All it takes is one click to maintain a satisfied and loyal customer.

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1Click.io is pluggable video infrastructure and browser based video call solution for business. 1Click humanizes video business interactions and coverts your browser into a new conference room. Connect with customers across all devices through voice, video & text. Our video calling software for business is the best enterprise-level B2B live video solution.Experience the simplicity of 1Click video calling in your browser and in your workflow. visit our demo page.

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