What if your inner dreams and wishes were now magically open for the world to see? What if you could bring life into a non-living object using skeleton tracking system? What if all of your dreams were mapped into a brain that could be navigated later on using keywords? Do not be dumbstruck by the creativity outburst. Google’s brand new exhibition, DevArt, is now providing all such, and more, artists a platform to showcase their crazy yet creative art, using codes as their paint!


Remember the number of times we have pulled our hair while learning Java codes in school. I am sure a lot of us would have vowed never to use codes after school. Atleast I did. Well, Google’s DevArt is trying to break this stereotypical notion about codes. So what exactly is DevArt? In simple words, DevArt is art formed from technology and codes. Oh no, you do not underestimate the power and magic of codes. Codes, if treated and trained in the right direction, could result in amazing, beautiful digital art installations. This is art and Google calls this DevArt.


“Technology and codes are the invisible super powerful features that help in creating art” – Varvara Guljajeva

Probably this is what inspired Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet enter the DevArt exhibition, to create the magical wall called Wishing Wall. The logic is pretty simple- you speak out your wish to a microphone, your wish goes into the system and then comes out as a beautiful butterfly on the wall! Surprised at how magical and beautiful those boring and monotonous codes could be? The duo used several kinds of brain interfaces that will pick up the wishes from your mind and drop them on to the wall.

Similarly, Mr Kalia, created by Béatrice and Cyril, was also created through several codes. Les métamorphoses de Mr. Kalia a.k.a Mr Kalia will go through several phases of metamorphosis, directed by you! You can bring Mr Kalia to life by simply using the skeleton tracking system. And Mr Kalia is sure to help you understand those human emotional changes, that could be quite intriguing to understand and cope with.

This collaboration of coding and art has opened up a whole new dimension to creating art. It has provided a new perspective to these creative brains; a new domain to the otherwise normal form of creating art. It is this creative and unique collaboration which has been an inspiration to us at 1Click. Google has been pretty interested with designing lately and DevArt is yet another feather on their cap.


This out-of-the-box collaboration has definitely impressed us. Our entire notion on art, designing and coding system are bound to change with the development of DevArt. Now, imagine the opportunities that would open up if budding creative artists could talk to these amazingly talented artists. Or rather, would you want to discuss on the different designs showcased in DevArt? As a token of appreciation, we at 1Click have created a web chat room, for all those young creative minds to interact with like minded people. Just click on the link below and like magic (or lets say devart) all artisans will be in a video conference discussing prolly creating more art.
https://1click.io/webdash/#/Room/devart – Devart chat room.

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