“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude”- Zig Ziglar

I remember the nervous jitters I felt before my first job interview. The desperate need for a good job, the do’s and don’t’s to create the best first impression and the desire to feel the pride when you achieve that dream job could probably be some of the reason for those cold shivers. In today’s fast-driven world, not everyone has the time to be physically present during an interview, which is why video conferences and video job interviews have gained limelight. Here are five commonly made, devastating mistakes made during video job interviews that could ruin your chance of grabbing that dream jobs. Video interviews are becoming a buzz now. Recruiters now are favoring towards video interviews than face-to-face interviews, especially if it involves long distance. Here are 5 video interview mistakes you should avoid.


‘Being in time is perfect, reaching on time is acceptable, showing up late is a definite put off’

Interviews are often compared to first dates. You try your best to create a good first impression. And showing up late to your first date would not be the best way to create that best first impression. Similarly, showing up late for your job interview is definitely a put off. Remember, your interviewer interviews you to understand the professional within you and no company would want to hire an employee who showed up late for the job interview.


I have heard people say it is better to keep quiet if you don’t know when to stop talking. Well, your interviewer is not going to be impressed if you remain quiet. So know your answers well before hand to avoid fumbling with answers and talking too much. Remember, you are there to impress your interviewer so that s/he will hire you, not to irritate him. Giggling, talking more than required and providing false information are also reasons to strike your name off the job list.


My boss was telling me a pretty hilarious story just before I was writing this article. Before he started 1Click, he worked in a video conferencing company which provided all its employees with video call devices. During every video conference, there was one particular employee who would leave his dog free to roam around. Imagine the plight of everyone else in the conference who could mostly hear the dog barking than the employee making his point. Now, you wouldn’t want this to happen during your dream job interview would you? So make sure the room to your door is closed, your dogs are well away from your seating position and you are seated away from the coffee machines and television sets.


If you date looks absolutely disinterested on your first date, the message delivered is clear. S/he is not interested to go ahead with the relationship. Similarly, if you walk into a job interview disinterested or sit through the interview without making eye contact, the message is delivered- you are nor interested in the interview and the job like-wise. So why would you waste yours and the interviewer’s time? Remember, your interviewer can see you and your body language speaks a lot more than you would want it to. Make sure to disable all computer pop-ups and to switch off your mobile phone before the interview. You do not want to create an impression of disinterest and dis-respect to your future colleague.


Interviewer: So Thomas, Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Interviewee: Sitting in your seat interviewing the next candidate.

Let’s try that out once more, shall we.

Interviewer: So John, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Interviewee: Well, I don’t know where I will be tomorrow. But I am interested in writing and you are offering me a content writer job. So I will try my best to write as much as possible and in the process help your company grow.

Interviewer thinks wow!

The first one was a cliched, monotonous answer the interviewer would have heard a hundred times, and probably even more. Your task is to stand out of the crowd, to think out of the box. Now, there are definitely more chances of the interviewer remembering John over Thomas because of one single answer. Both of them were asked the same question and maybe they did provide the interviewer with the same kind of answer. But John definitely stamped a mark on the interviewer with the cliched answer presented in an interesting way. If the interviewer is able to remember you at the end of 50 interviews, you know you have done a job well done. After all, it is your attitude, and not your aptitude, that helps you reach high altitudes.

Dilbert Moments

I have always been a big fan of Dilbert and here are few of the funny Dilbert comic strips I could find related to job interviews. Cheers.

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