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Wikipedia defines Telemedicine as ‘the use of telecommunication and information technologies in order to provide clinical health care at a distance’.

In my previous article, I had written about using video conferencing in the healthcare sector. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to reach out to needy people in the most rural areas? Wouldn’t doctors feel a lot better if they could treat old people without having to ask them to travel miles and miles to meet them? Wouldn’t it be a lot cheaper if specialist doctors can assist local doctors avoiding high level patient transfers? Here are just a few of the many benefits of using video conferencing in the healthcare sector.


It wouldn’t be a myth if I said hundereds of people die in the rural parts of the world, because of lack of proper healthcare facilities. It would also not be wrong on my part to say that a major chunk of this population would include women and children. Despite the rapid growth of technology and infrastructure, it is a pity that doctors can still not reach out to these needy people, who too deserve the best of healthcare facility like you and me. But by using live chat on website, imagine the difference that could be brought to this sorry state of affairs. All these villages need is a computer and an internet connection and they can consult any doctor in any part of the world at the right time. With one click, they can talk to doctors sitting miles away from them, the patients can inform them of their illness and the doctors can prescribe the right medicine to the patients at the right time. So now you can make your doctor visits in the comfort of your home!


Visiting a doctor is expensive, time-consuming and frustrating. For a person who earns meagre amount to survive through a day, shifting patients from a local hospital to a much more expensive hospital will definitely create a wide hole to their pocket. But, now such people can benefit with the advent of telemedicine. With the use of video calling services, expert doctors can now assist local doctors in the rural areas for the right expertise at the right time. This team up between the doctors will help improve disease management which will in-turn reduce complications and hospitalizations. As a result of such video calling services, patients can continue to be treated at their local hospitals, avoiding expensive transfer hurdles. Telemedicine also provides the facility of home monitoring programs, which will reduce the number of visits to hospitals. This prevents the patients from travelling from one place to another, spending money, and yet receiving the best of healthcare facility.


Telemedicine helps rural healthcare providers attain continued education. Young, learning doctors can also learn the do’s and don’ts of the industry from the experts themselves. So patients consult doctors through video conferencing services. The doctors prescribe them the medicine and everyone lives happily ever. But, with 1Click’s video calling services, there is more to this amazing development. With the ‘RECORD’ feature in our video calling service, doctors can use these videos to train their rookies. After all, what better way to learn than by looking at examples. These recorded videos can help doctors teach their interns and the house surgeons, the art of delivering the best healthcare facility to people who are miles away from you.

However, there are quite a few challenges faced by telemedicine.


This cannot develop without the help of the Government. The Government is the only source of money for such a large scale project. If the Government fails to understand the technology and does not co-operate with hospitals, telemedicine is definitely going to be a curse and not a boon.


So, telemedicine is best advantageous to the rural sector. But this project will work only with the help of an internet connection. High-speed bandwidth is a must for a good and proper telemedicine facility. If this internet connection is not provided with, the entire purpose and magic of telemedicine becomes a failure, not worth taking.


People are accustomed to a fashion of believing from examples. People need to see an example of someone else to take the risk of accepting the technology. If people do not believe in this wonder called telemedicine, the entire process becomes a failure. There are still a lot of challenges to make telemedicine a complete and successful reality. But, what is needed first is the awareness and co-operation of people to accept the wonder of technology to the healthcare sector.

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