Successful Women Entrepreneurs

“There is no scientific answer for success. You cannot define it. You have simply got to live it and do it” – Anita Roddick, Founder, The Body Shop

Behind every successful man there is a woman, is a common phrase heard many at times. What about for women? Well, nowadays people say women do not need anyone to become successful, because they are born successful! All they need is that extra push, confidence and encouragement and voila you have amazing successful women. Here are 10 such successful women entrepreneurs who have gone overcome all obstacles to gain success and happiness in their life.



“I am so secure in myself, I don’t have to be American to play in the corporate life”.

This is quite contrary to her first interview out of Yale School of Management where she wasn’t comfortable with wearing formal western clothes and wore a trouser that reached only till her ankles. She got rejected. Then, she went for her second interview wearing an Indian traditional outfit, the sari, and got the job!
Well, life wasn’t a bed of roses for Indra Nooyi before she joined Pepsico. Her story is that of a young, determined and confident woman who worked through the night to earn money to buy a western suit for her first job interview. She changed three jobs in 14 years, fought against the common norms of being an outsider in the US and battled the male-centric world. All of this to become the Senior Vice-President of Pepsico and later on creating a niche of her own in the company. She has made a mark for herself by gracefully climbing the American Corporate ladder and has played a major role in many of Pepsico’s crucial decisions. But what makes Indra Nooyi different from everyone else, is that, apart from being a maestro in the professional front, she is still very much an Indian wife, a matured and loving mother and a caring homemaker.


We adore our parents, and like they wanted the best for us, we too want the best for them. So why not provide them the opportunity to age beautifully and happily? Nicole Sanchez started TenderCaring, which was named as one of the five hottest start-ups in America, on a mission to innovate and beautify this process of aging. After studying at fancy schools and working with fancy companies, Nicole regrets not starting her very own company sooner. And her advice to all young entrepreneurs is to understand and realize that it is not the building of a resume that matters, but the building up of a company. According to her anyone can become an entrepreneur if only s/he decides and works towards making it happen. Her happiness lies in making people’s lives better and with that comes a lot of responsibility and care.


Yapp, which helps regular New Yorkers to customize mobile apps, was a start-up that began in a basement in New York City. Maria Seidman previously sold mobile for Warner Bros and also held positions at MGM, ETF Group, and Goldman Sachs. Through Yapp, Mrs Seidman dreams of bridging between today and tomorrow where anyone can become app publishers. She, like Indra Nooyi, is not scared about being a woman in the field, as evident from the fact that she entered the world of entrepreneurship while she was pregnant. According to an interview given to TechCrunch, a news website, Maria Seidman said she hated to be termed as a ‘woman in the tech’ and that establishing a company while starting a new life is an extra difficult form of multitasking. She, however, seems to be doing it pretty graciously.


So almost all start-ups, including 1Click turn to Twitter for marketing and sales. Well, you will have to thank this lady for that as she was the first one to realize and understand that Twitter could be used for marketing. Known as the ‘Queen’ of Twitter, she has also co-authored the book ‘Twitter for Dummies‘, giving everybody the chance to understand and use Twitter to its fullest capabilities. She then went on to start her very own company, oneforty, that provides apps for Twitter. For Fitton, though, this has been a life-changing decision. Though she considers herself to be unqualified for the idea, her determination and courage to go ahead with her idea to create a huge success from oneforty is truly commendable. Her biggest lesson learnt till date: Never get angry and blame your obstacles. Keep finding solutions and moving on. Oneforty was acquired by HubSpot last year.


How many of us enjoy financial education and the art of investing? Well, Alexa’s LearnVest makes sure you get all the help required to make progress with your money. After dropping out of Harvard Business School to launch LearnVest, Alexa has raised nearly $25 million to help grow LearnVest. LearnVest has also won the Astia 2008-2009 business plan competition following which Alexa decided to build it as a full time job. Her passion and interest to make personal financial education fun and accessible to women has led to her being names ‘One of the coolest young entrepreneurs by Inc. Magazine’s 30 Under 30 feature. She has also been called the ‘Woman to Watch’ by Forbes and was highlighted on Business Week’s annual list of ‘Best Young Tech Entrepreneur’.


Slideshare is today one of the world’s largest community to share presentations with millions of visitors. It was all thanks to Rashmi Sinha, who got bored with her research work, and instead, started falling head over heels with the rapidly growing field of web technology. It seems like entrepreneurship was what Ms.Sinha was destined to. What else can explain this series of start-ups: Co-founder of Uzanto, launching her first product MindCanvas and later co-founding SlideShare in 2006. Her desire to do her own thing and work independently was her driving force. Though she calls ‘entrepreneurship and accident’, this accident seems to be working wonders for her as well as for the world, marking a sure spot for her in this list of successful women entrepreneurs. Here is her advice to future, young and budding entrepreneurs.


After leaving a responsible career as a television development executive, Julia Hartz co-founded Eventbrite with her husband in 2006. She is responsible for building and sustaining the company’s team of 300 members (collectively known as Britelings). Her common trait of fostering happiness in the workplace has allowed this company to grab the Best Place to Work in the San Francisco Bay Area award for four years. She was also a TechCrunch annual ‘Founder of the Year’ finalist and was among Forbe’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs list in 2013.


Well, no list of successful women entrepreneurs is complete without a successful woman entrepreneur in the fashion industry. After working as the Vice-President of Merchandising and Inventory Planning at Brooklyn Industries, Tracy went on to co-found Est.Today and later co-founded Poshmark in 2010. Calling herself an addict of Poshmark herself, Tracy Sun has an eye for perfection. Do not fall for the sweet smile, as she has the complete insight about the fashion industry. Give her dress that “Little Orphan Annie would wear if she was guest starred in Mad Men”, and Tracy Sun is sure to look like a stunning diva. What more perfection, class and elegance would you want from a fashion mobile application, where you can buy and sell clothes and accessories.


“I always did something I was a little not ready to do”- Google’s first female engineer in 1999, one of the most powerful women in tech, Marissa Mayer on her best decisions made. Her determination to push through the feeling of being clueless in what she is working on has been her success mantra. Though she has been termed the youngest head of a Fortune 500 company, she has received innumerable critiques for her strict office rules, the latest being her employers wouldn’t be able to work from home. After all, with tough decisions come big rewards. Here are her ingredients to success


Birchbox offers its consumers a unique and personalized way to discover and shop for the best beauty and lifestyle products in the market. Co-founders Hayley and Katia started this company with the help of a beauty editor friend. Hayley Barna, a beginner in the beauty department, is an expert in solving logistical issues. She is known for dreaming about new ways to help customers get the best out of Birchbox. Katia, on the other hand, is a go-getter. From lip tattoos to at-home waxing kits, she has done them all. Katia is the relationship builder. Her days consists of meeting media personnels, beauty and lifestyle brands and telling the story of Birchbox. Their amazing yet fun organization definitely lands them a spot in this list of successful women entrepreneurs.

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