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Today there are just too many e-commerce websites to mention in an article of 700-800 words. Today everyone is online, and hence, e-commerce websites spend several notes to drag maximum traffic towards their website. The main ingredient to make customers re-visit websites, is customer loyalty. And customer loyalty comes with customer satisfaction, and it is this satisfaction, that is the driving force of any e-commerce website. Live Chat software is one such technique to improve sales, by increasing customer loyalty, and in-turn satisfying customers.


We all perform live chats day-in and day-out. But very few people know what exactly live chat is. Live chat is like making a phone call using text, where users are involved in responding in real time. In live chat, users either use short hand communication methods, like, abbreviations, ’emoticons’ and so on. Sounds familiar to your Whatsapp messages and Google talk conversations? Well, that is exactly what live chat is. And any software that enables this live chat customer service over the Internet is called a live chat softwares


Like I said in a previous article, customers still prefer the brick-and-mortar service, where you have a smiling face helping you with your purchase. Live chat softwares gives your business this feel of a brick-and-mortar retail. No matter how perfect your product may be, any one of your customer is bound to face a problem. And making your customer wait for help or deal with difficult support channels is the best way to drive away your customer. Here are few reasons why e-commerce websites should use live chat softwares to improve their sales

– Live chat softwares provide immediate solutions giving customers the ease and comfort of chatting via their computer with some degree of privacy.

– Live chat softwares helps in saving time that would otherwise be spent on sending and replying to emails.

– Live chat softwares are a sure shot profit-booster for any e-commerce website and helps in boosting the confidence of buyers

– Good live chat softwares provide transcripts of chats and offline messages through which companies can learn and improve the quality of answers

– Live chat softwares makes you different from your competitor.


Just like there are n-number of e-commerce websites, there are hundereds of live chat programs as well. Every live chat claim they are better than the other – some boast of being easier, others claim to be more affordable and the most-used service. Here are a list of 6 best live chat softwares that we think have made a mark in the market.


Zopim is one of the best live chat softwares for any size of business. We currently use this for text based chatting as we believe it is the best text based chat software. With the huge range of features, including a WordPress plugin, which is constantly updated, Zopim is definitely a great add-on to any company. Zopim has an extremely easy set-up process and is also priced well, compared to its competitors. It is free for one agency and one chat only and costs $20 for unlimited chat and departments. This live chat software can be used on any mobile device and has offline support and sends the entire chat history.


Olark, just like Zopim, provides business’ the ability to customize the chat design by changing the colour, size and font using the customized CSS. Another striking feature of this live chat software is that companies can choose the customers they wish to interact with, i.e, it enables targeted chat system. The cheapest pricing of Olark is $15 per month per customer. With a nice variety of templates, Olark is sure to integrate well with any corporate design.


‘To grow alongside businesses, rather than forcing business’ to fit its criteria instead’, is what this live chat software aims at. Velaro comes with a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) and also provides customers with a shopping cart. This allows companies to make suggestions or initiate a conversation based on the customer’s purchase habits. Though a bit expensive compared to the other two mentioned, Velaro is definitely a worthy option for medium to large sized business’. Velaro might just be the answer for those companies that are looking for a fully manageable live chat service.


This powerful live chat software has several layers based on the size and scale of business’. The pricing of this software is based on per year and per agent basis and can range anywhere between $99 to $999. However, its advanced features provides customers a professional yet easy way to interact with companies. Though BoldChat doesn’t track website visitors and doesn’t enable customization of chat window, it is a value-priced option for startup companies, who have a limited budget.


This Indian live chat software are for those companies that are looking for a decent live chat as well as a help desk and social media integration. This live chat software has two versions depending on the number of agents. For company’s with a support team within 5, there is the Lite package which costs $9.99 per agent per month, whereas if the support team is more than 5, there is the Pro plan which costs $14.99. This software can be used on smartphones, enabling live chat anywhere. With a wide variety of features, ClickDesk also lets companies specify pre-defined messages that can be triggered using a command.


This live chat software is one of the first softwares to integrate along with the social media and allows companies to connect with followers on the website as well as on Facebook. Similar to other live chat softwares, LiveChat provides an excellent set of features, some being unique to LiveChat, and can be used by all sizes of business’. A new feature of this modern company is that the chat window will remain even when the customer changes pages. This modern and forward-thinking software is supported both by desktop as well as mobile, and its pricing ranges from $36 per month to $59 per month.


This might be a bit selfish, but why wouldn’t we add our company to this list when we ourselves can provide you with the best live chat software! Well, 1Click hasn’t really introduced its video calling customer relationship management as yet, but we are in its private beta stage. And once we are done with it, you can use 1Click to not just text, but conduct face-to-face communication with your customers or clients. Just sign in with our website, and we will send you an invitation as soon as it is ready!

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