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Paper Boat 1Click Video Calling Software Blog

We at 1Click.io love Paperboat. Backed by Narayana Murthy, Paper Boat is bringing back traditional Indian beverages with a makeover. This homemade flavoured cool drink makes you nostalgic and takes you on a walk down the memory lane with tastes like aam panna, kala khatta and imli. Pretty much like how Anton Ego felt when he tastes Ratatouille. I can’t remember the last time a consumer product, especially in food category, was so well designed and elegantly marketed in India. The packaging is extremely sleek and attractive. Their design sense is an inspiration for us at 1Click.

The flavours remind you of the childhood tastes like ice gola, imli, and paani puri. We have seen paper boats available in college canteens, small corner shops and even fast food joints like Kaati Zone. We only wish they came in 300ml packs instead of 250ml. Less is not more!

We ran a quick survey of Paperboat lovers within our team. Here is the list Ravindra: Jamun, Nishant: Jaljeera, Kamesh: Aamras, Asha: Aamras & Imli, Silus: Aamras, and Rishi: Kokum, Aam Panna, & Jaljeera. We are such Paperboat lovers that we have named our virtual conference rooms on 1Click on Paperboat flavours. We also love the fact that an Indian brand is taking on global brands such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi, just like we are trying to fight big players such as Cisco and Google.

If you are Paperboat lover, we have created a room for you too. For the next seven days, we are leaving the rooms named after Paperboat flavours open for you for you to use. Free of cost. Use it anytime, Invite your friends (preferably Paperboat lovers!) and have a chat online. We Heart PaperBoat. We are just proudly flaunting our love for it. Click below on your favourite flavor and get connected to fellow PaperBoat lover in our virtual chat room








Here is to Paperboat love. Sail with us.


1Click Team.

Paper Boat 1Click Video Calling Software

Paper Boat 1Click Video Calling Software

A bit more about PaperBoat directly from the words of CEO, Neeraj Kakkar

The birth of Paper Boat as a brand: One hot summer day…

Four of us started this beverage company three years ago. We were selling Tzinga energy drinks and were always in search of new beverage ideas. We used to have lunch together and one hot summer day, James decided that he wanted to make ‘Aam Panna’. The genesis of the idea was Suhas’s mother’s homemade ‘Aam Panna’ which was always in demand. To cut a long story short, one thing led to another, and thus began the journey of Paper Boat; a journey of going back in time and bringing the flavour of summer holidays. We wanted to introduce drinks which are seasonal and delicious; drinks which are products of generations of trial and error, and which are sadly getting lost in the modern day fizz. On a side note, ‘Aam Panna’ was the fifth variant under the Paper Boat brand (after ‘Aamras’, ‘Jaljeera’, ‘Kalakhatta’ and ‘Kokum’), but it took us that much time to arrange for the ingredients.

The Name PaperBoat

Again, we drew our lessons from childhood. The process of making paper boats in the monsoons is another happy memory from the past. It is your first sense of accomplishment. Your first sense of loss too, when it would drown. Your first life lesson about staying afloat under harsh circumstances. A paper boat implies a lot of firsts. But it also signifies a different world, with different priorities. Maybe it tells us that no matter who we are, where we live or what we’ve done in our life, we will always remember how to make a paper boat, right?
So the real question should be: ‘Why not paper boat?’

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