CRM – Customer Relation Management

In my previous articles we spoke about customer relationship management and the best customer relationship management softwares for startups. All CRM software boast of being the best, but there are few core features that differentiate a good CRM software from a bad one. Here are seven important characteristics that every successful customer relationship management software should have.


I was always hesitant to buy an Apple Mac because I felt it was very difficult to use and not user-friendly. That happens to all of us doesn’t it? We hesitate to buy something that we believe is not simple and difficult to implement with. Same goes with a good CRM software. Nothing hurts more than the find out that employees are not able to use the expensive CRM software. A good CRM software must be simple and should be able to easily integrate with the day-to-day routine of any company. As Daniel B.Scherer, the CEO of Secure Health said, “the truly critical features to look for in a good CRM solution are the tracking capabilities and simplicity.”



Founders and co-founders start business’ dreaming and hoping it to bloom and blossom. Now business employees wouldn’t want an out-of-date CRM software as their company grows would it? Any good CRM software should be able to adapt on its own to the growing demands of the growing company. It should be able to change easily without the use of a crowd of programmers. And even if any changes are to be made, the CRM software should be able to adapt to easily understood programming languages. In short, one of the most important characteristic of any good CRM software is that it should have easily customizable features.


In a lot of my previous articles on customer relationship management softwares, I mentioned a quality of a good CRM software is that business’ can customize it. Almost all business’ customize their CRM solution based on their website colour palette and product. Now this is possible only if the CRM software itself is customizable and flexible. The CRM software should be able to support an organization’s process to bring out the complete value of the product. Another important feature is that the CRM software should be able to customize in a simple and straightforward manner and business’ should be able to apply this throughout their website.



One of the primary and important characteristics of a good CRM software is that it should be able to efficiently provide answers to sales representatives. It is not enough for a CRM software to just store information and make fancy reports, it should also be able to help representatives increase profit. This is done only if the sales rep can obtain information about a customer, which will help them in following up with that client. In short, a good CRM software should be able to make it easier for employees to find appropriate information about a customer at the appropriate time. Any CRM software that doesn’t provide for this is not the best CRM solution for your company.


So a CRM software stores adequate information about customers and also allows employees to attain required information as and when required. But what if employees are not able to understand the collected information. A good CRM software should be able to make employees understand the collected data and its significance before it is used as a basis for action. A good CRM solution should also provide employers with access to decision-making analytics, for sales as well as for marketing.



Large-sized business’ would have thousands of employees working in hundereds of branches all over the world. For example, ACS communications has more than 34,000 agents in 142 customer care centres around the world. They interact with more than one million customers in 20 different languages. Now, it wouldn’t be enough if the CRM solution enables data insertion from only within an office. A good CRM software should allow data to be entered from any location, such as trade shows, customer sites and partners’ residence. Another important characteristic of a good CRM software is the ability to view data on a mobile device. This ability of mobile access is especially required for field sales employees, who require access to not just the basic information but also to
electronic materials like websites and PDF’s, back-office software information and organizational schedules.


The simple definition of a customer relationship management software is to attract possible prospects and convert them into satisfied customers. A good customer relationship management software eases this process of converting prospects into customers and then keeping them satisfied. For example, a sales call is bound to be move forward easier when the sales representative knows the financial background of a customer.

So next time you buy a customer relationship management software, make sure it includes all of these characteristics to ensure good and hassle-free service from your solution.

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