movies that predicted future tech

“Technology can be our best friend, and can also be the biggest party pooper of our lives” – Steven Spielberg, one of the finest directors the world has seen.

Movies have always been an integral part of human race. They sometimes act as an eye opener, and at other times they are there just to provide you with laugh. But movies have also been an amazing depiction of the future. Directors have predicted technologies, such as the touchscreen mobile phones and video calling, long before it actually came into existence. Though there are innumerable movies that have portrayed future technology long before it became a reality, here are 10 old movies that have accurately predicted future technology.


Director Stanley Kurbick definitely portrayed a major chunk of today’s technology much before it actually came into existence. His accurate prediction of video-calling in this movie is truly admirable. Today, apart from our chat support services for businesses, there are other video calling services, such as Skype, Google Hangout and iChat, which enables technology portrayed in this movie for consumption. Other amazing technologies predicted in this movie are space tourism, tablet computing and personal televisions for every seat in an airplane.


Remember witnessing Geisha eat candy on those shining buildings in this movie? Well, this concept of digital billboards is no more a thing of the past. Though we haven’t completely reached to the level of the technology showed in Ridley Scott’s classic, digital billboards are more common today than it was when the movie was made. Who knows, if you are in a big city, you might just witness the trailer of Blade Runner 2, which is to be released soon, on a digital billboard today.


Tricorder, a handheld communication device, is no alien to any Star Trek fan. Leonard Nimoy’s version of Star Trek depicts this device which can record and analyze data and can also be used for sensor scanning. Does this remind you of any modern technology? Yes, I am talking about your Samsung Galaxys and iPhone 5s’. Though our smartphones aren’t an exact replica of the Tricorder, the capabilities performed by today’s mobile phones and the wide variety of applications makes the Tricorder more or less a forerunner of today’s mobile phone technology.


Rememeber the robot, No.5 from the 1986 comedy movie? Well, maybe using robots or artificially manned vehicles for warfare was adopted from No.5. Another credit to this movie is the prediction of drone warfare, which is now very common. Forget warfare, there are now requests to use drones for pizza and product deliveries! Very soon you might just have a robot or a drone at your doorstep with your online purchase.


Robert Zemeckis’s Back to he future II depicts life in 2015. 2015 is just five months away, and a major chunk of the technology used in this movie is already a reality. One such technology is Marty McFly’s fictional hoverboard, which resembles the latest self-balancing electric skateboards. So now do not just dream about flying, use the electric skateboard and experience the magic of flying. Other technologies shown in the movie that have become a reality are wireless video games, 3-dimensional movies, hologram videos and televisions and computer glasses.


Jim Carrey’s hilarious film, The Truman Show aptly predicted the sharing of life on a social platform. The widespread social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others clearly depict how much people share their life on a social platform. The 1998 film also predicted the birth of reality television. In the late 90’s, when the film was made, reality shows were still few in number. But today the scenario is entirely different. Today we have atleast 10 reality shows each for music, dance, acting, cooking, drama and others.


Ever wondered where the concept of touchscreens evolved from? Well many scientists believe the desire for touchscreens came from Tom Cruise’s thriller, Minority Report. Director Steven Spielberg brought together nearly 15 technology and science experts to create the technology portrayed in the movie. Today, nearly everyone comes across a touch screen in a day, even if they do not own a touch device. Another aspect of the movie that has come true is the concept of showing advertisements that would interest the user. In the mall scene in the movie, all the advertisements were aimed at Tom Cruise. Today, computers save our searches and advertisements pop up based on those searches.


This 2004 movie showed self-driving Johnny Cabs on highways and allowing cars to travel safer at higher speeds. The movie also showed that the cars could be manually operated as well. Today, Google and Audi have both developed self-driving cars that can drive safely on the road and park carefully. These self-driving cars use special technology that looks at the change of direction of other cars and people on the road. So for those people who do not know how to drive yet want to own a car, this is your solution!


Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (commonly known as HHGTTG), may have portrayed the then future iPad. But what it actually predicted was a device that was constantly updated, maybe like that of Wikipedia? Remember the scene where the answer for life, universe and everything was given as 42? Though the answer wasn’t correct, the concept of finding an answer to anything and everything from one resource was used to develop the web encyclopedia, Wikipedia. Also, do remember Wikipedia too gives you the right answer only if you ask the right question! And actor Brendon Cooper also believes that the concept of mobile web evolved from this movie.


The recently made movie, Her, depicts the relationship between Theodore and an artificially intelligent operating system named Samantha. The movie shows how operating systems do not remain to be mere systems, but become smarter and evolve to be more human-like in the future. Today talking computers and iPhone’s SIRI technology are just few examples that have adopted a similar technology. Apple’s iPhone SIRI application is much smarter than you would expect it to be. It can act as a reminder, can take down notes and can be a play-pal during boring times. Scientists believe that very soon artificial intelligence will grow to a level where communication with Samantha will not just be through a small earpiece. She will have a body too!

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