Live Video Chat VS Live Text Chat

Live chat softwares are those softwares used by businesses to communicate in real time with their customers or clients. These live chat softwares could either be through text messages, audio or face-to-face video softwares. However, with technology growing, the demands of the customers too have risen. So which is a better software to incorporate with? Live text chat or live video chat… Here is a comparison between the two.


The process of communicating with customers or clients through instant messages is called live text chat. Earlier when technology was in its initial stages and when video conferencing and audio exchanges was not evolved, instant messages was the most modern technique to keep in touch with people. And businesses used this method to contact their present customers and prospective clients.

With the help of live text chat softwares, businesses can do the prime function of any chat software and that is, to keep in touch with their customers and clients. In case customers have any doubts or clarifications to be made while purchasing online or otherwise they can ask the employees through text messages. Live text chat softwares are also often used by businesses to create virtual conference calls within employees. It is a time-saving yet efficient way of communicating within the company as well.

However, there are few disadvantages of a live text chat software. For example, it removes the personal touch from communication. No matter how much technology evolves, people still want to see the person they are talking to. They want a face in front of them when they are conveying their troubles and compliments. This is not possible with a live text chat software. This invisible character without a face to whom you are talking to reduces credibility to the conversation and creates a fear about the security and privacy aspects of the conversation. However, it is still a very preferred chat solution for businesses when they have to have continuous conversations with their customers or clients.


As technology evolved, so did the demands of the people. Now they wanted to see the person who they were talking to. They wanted to be sure they were talking to the right person. And so evolved live video chat softwares, where customers could converse to the employees in real time face-to-face. With live video chat software, businesses can contact their customers and clients in real time without any credibility or security issues.
The main advantage of live video chat over live text chat softwares is that it provides all the advantages of live text chat and overcomes all of its disadvantages. Thus, an even better software is created. The live video chat software is an amalgamation of the advantages of a live text chat software along with the recovered disadvantages of the same.

By incorporating with the live video chat software businesses can provide their customers with a personal touch without actually being with the customer. These softwares are especially useful for e-commerce websites where people risk a lot with their purchase. Through these video chat softwares people can talk to the employees directly before they make their purchase. This way there is no place for any doubts or lack of clarity about the purchase. Also, when you can see the person the credibility and security of the information conveyed increases. Thus, people can be sure that their opinions and appreciations are secured and are reaching the right people.

The live video chat software is definitely a better option when compared to the live text chat. With the live video chat, businesses can provide customers with the advantages of the live text chat softwares and also provide them with some extra advantages like secured and credible information exchange.

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