Do you have the Perfect E-Commerce Website equipped with Live Video Chat Support?

Customer demands are evolving with technology while the B2C E-Commerce Sales worldwide has crossed $1 Trillion. It’s easier to lose a customer to a competitor these days, with competition in terms of offers and products growing.

So is providing quality customer support service the key to retaining a customer? Live Chat online plugins are evolving from text to Video and Audio calling from the website. Face to Face interaction with customers can boost sales by up-to 31%.

According to a research from Bain & Spring Company, one of the Key factors of building online customer loyalty is customer service. Across the industries, web shoppers showed willingness to buy different products from online retailers of their choice. For example, almost 70% of Gap Online customers said they would consider buying more furniture from Gap. And 63% of online grocery shoppers said that they would buy toiletries from their online grocers. Therefore, repeat purchasing not only builds trust but also develops the opportunity to cross-sell your products.
With 1CLICK, you have the opportunity to Live Video/Audio Chat with your customer and provide assistance. This not only adds value to your organizations brand, but also helps build customer loyalty, which in-turn leads to more purchases and cross-selling which I’ve explained above. So, here’s an Infographic on the 14 Best Practices to Build a Perfect Ecommerce Homepage:

E-Commerce webpage