Online shopping has become a major part of our lives today. It’s convenient, hassle-free and delivered right to your doorstep. This doesn’t seem so bad at all! Yet, in the days before Co-browsing and other fantastic technology available today, there were a growing number of cases where potential customers just abandoned their shopping carts without making any purchases. According to Baymard.com, around 65.23% of customers end up dumping their carts. The customers’ actions confused e-commerce websites and cost them a decent sum of money.

Online retailers loose about $21 billion annually due to shopping cart abandonment. They knew they had to act fast. When they started studying this abnormal behavior, they realized that there were a handful of reasons for this. That is when they decided to implement an online customer service chat software in their websites. This software would help out customers and offer them support while they looked for products they needed. There was a drastic decrease in the number of shopping carts being abandoned after this little change.

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Here, in this article we’ll take a look at the different problems faced by customers while shopping online and how the use of live chat support solution forever changed the face of online retail.

1. Hidden costs

A major problem faced by the customers who tried shopping online was the hidden charges in the website like booking fees, tax, shipping, delivery and custom costs. While these prices were not unreasonable or unjustified, the sudden increment to their total bill shocked the customers and made them panic.

A Webcredible study showed that around 41% of customers abandoned their carts due to hidden costs. Because they didn’t know where these added costs came from, they were unsure about completing the transaction and decided to dump their carts.

Live customer support made it easier for such users by explaining to them why each cost is added. This helped customers complete their shopping and also fostered a sense of credibility and trust with the retailer.

2. Lack of payment options

A distinct lack of payment options was another reason for customers leaving their shopping midway. Most e-commerce websites accepted cards from only a limited number of banks. There were other options too, like online wallets etc, but customers either did not trust these methods or didn’t know how to use it.

People are normally very careful with their money and on the internet, this cautiousness increases tenfold. A customer’s reluctance to pay through their card online was understood.

Agents on live chat provided assistance to the customers throughout the whole process of online payment, ensuring they could finish off the transaction and have the product they needed. Customers were much more satisfied and also kept coming back as they were much more comfortable with online payments.

Live Chat Assistance

3. None or very little information on the product

A common problem with e-commerce websites was that consumers did not know what product would be best suited to their needs. There wasn’t anyone to explain the product to them and help them decide whether to go for it or choose another product. So naturally, there was a chance that the customer would end up buying a product that he/she might not have much use for.

Rather than taking this chance, people chose to not buy the product at all and dump the cart in favor of a mall or store.

This created a pretty big problem for the retailers. However, customer heroes came to their rescue in no time. Now with information instantly available, customers didn’t have to worry about making the wrong choices.

Customer service agents helped them make better informed choices. This is also a great opportunity for sellers to up sell or cross sell their products, creating a win-win situation for both the buyer and the seller.

4. Absence of human touch

The lack of a human touch was perhaps online retailing’s biggest drawback. The inability of e-commerce websites to add a more personal feel to their websites played a major role in ensuring malls, markets and other stores remained much more popular than e-commerce websites.

Shopping online was considered to be a dull, drab and weary experience. People would abandon their online shopping carts and go to outdoor shops even though they cost more money and energy.

All this changed with the advent of live chat customer service. Online shopping had become a much more personal and interactive experience. People started to enjoy shopping online. And when websites upgraded and started using live video chat assistance and co-browsing, they took online shopping to a whole new level. Now, online shopping is and easy, quick and pleasant experience.

5. Live Customer Support reduced confusion

Another popular reason for shopping cart abandonment was that customers were not able to completely understand what certain features of the website were. These features could be anything from sales, deals, discounts, payment methods to exchange/return policies. Customers would often end up being confused by the many technical and legal jargon and abandon their shopping carts.

E commerce Websites Can Be Confusing At Times


Live chat agents solved this problem by providing support to their customers and explaining every detail to the customers. This simplified everything for the customers. They were now easily able to understand what each feature meant.

By solving the above problems arising from online retail websites, live chat assistance has helped reduce shopping cart abandonment. Today, features like screen sharing and live video chat with co-browsing have taken live chat assistance to a whole new level. Online retailers have greatly benefited from this technology and have been able to provide better services to their customers.

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