Today, chatting online is an integral part of the internet. It can be done using your phone, laptop  or tablet. Time and location are not of any concern while chatting. Live Chatting has had an interesting effect on our lives. Through live chatting, people can communicate with each other over large distances instantaneously. It has allowed for information to be accessed very easily, and as and when you want it. Live Chat Software has proved to be indispensable among online businesses.

Communication between business and their customers has helped improve their sales, increased conversion rates for new customers while building a sense of trust and credibility between the two. Another advantage of live chat support is that is cuts down on the time taken to travel for two parties to meet. All the users have to do is set up an appointment and they can use the software to communicate from wherever they may be. Here, I shall list a few applications of online Live Chat software:

1. Healthcare

Online chatting on health care websites is a new fad. Patients can attend appointments via live chat, and get a full diagnosis from the doctor. This can be made even better with the help of video chatting and co-browsing. The doctor and the patient can exchange x-rays and other medical documents through their devices.

2. E-commerce

E-commerce websites make up a growing section of live chat users.  They use it primarily for cross selling and up selling their products. Live chat applications help them help customers make better choices by informing them about better products and accessories that go along with their current products.

Another use for live video chatting in e-commerce is to provide information to the customers regarding a certain product, or support throughout the whole payment process. Customers tend to avoid online shopping due to a lack of information on the products being sold and the confusing and scary payment process. This leads to shopping cart abandonment on a large scale.

But thanks to live chat support, shopping online has been made easy and hassle-free. The number of shopping basket abandonment cases have dropped significantly.


Live chat support has made online shopping a simple, easy and stress-free!

3. Customer service

Live chat software is a very popular choice of customer support in today’s digital world. In the olden days, the most common way for customers to receive support was through the phone. But the advent of live chat has made it much more easier to multitask and provide better support to the customers. This way, more customers can have their problems solved at once, saving the company’s time.¬†

Live Chat has allowed people to communicate instantly with each other.


4. Consultancy firms

Consultancy firms can use live chat support software to guide customers and help them make better choices regarding the products or services they might need. For example, a nutritionist could advise a patient, telling him/her what to and what not to eat and drink in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

5. Online tax

Filling up tax forms online can be a very stressful and exhausting experience. One tiny mistake can lead to a whole lot of paper work to be done at some point later. ¬†Live chat assistance in the form of co-browsing can assist citizens fill up their tax forms using a feature called ‘co-filling’.

Live Customer Support Adds A Personal Feel


6. Insurance companies

Insurance companies use customer assistance to help clients pick the right policies, the ones that would be most beneficial to them and their families. People can sit in the comfort of their own homes or offices and talk to their insurance agent with either of them having to spend time travelling to meet each other.

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