“The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world” – Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc.

Hiring the right candidate for your company can definitely be a tedious, tiring and hectic process. From publishing the job vacancy to receiving hundereds of resumes to going through the resumes to interviewing and then short-listing them based on the interviews and then finally calling up the right candidate (according to you) to congratulate him about the job. Phew! Wouldn’t life be a lot easier if you had a right hand who would help you with this lengthy and time-consuming job? Well, what if mobile applications helped you with this job? Here are 6 iPhone apps for recruiters that will help them enjoy their work, yet hire the right candidate in a professional way.


A friend of mine approached me few weeks back asking me for job opportunities. I asked her to join LinkedIn, the business oriented social networking site that enables you to get connected to the top-most individuals in every field. LinkedIn has now gone viral with their new mobile application. This free iPhone App enables every recruiter to hire the best talent from the world on-the-go. This app for recruiters helps them review profiles of job seekers, add new prospects to project folders or communicate with the job seeker right away. In case you find a candidate suitable for another job opening, you can also suggest the candidate’s profile to hiring managers via LinkedIn. Well, now all it takes is a click to join LinkedIn to make the hiring process a jovial process.


In a previous article, I had written how video conferencing can be used to make more interactive and creative video resumes. However, recruiters are now also hiring using the video conferencing system. With the new HireVue mobile app for recruiters,they can create a set of questions, which they would ideally ask the candidate during a personal interview. These questions will then be sent to the candidate via an email, who will then reply to those questions through a video. This mobile app also provides candidates with a demo question, which helps them make sure that the audio and video are working properly. The recruiter can then access these answers based on the video received, through the HirVue server. Well, then why would recruiters waste time meeting tens and thousands of prospective candidates and interview them when this app for recruiters helps them reduce their work. But before you do give your answers digitally, do remember to go through these five common mistakes made during video conferencing.


‘Re-imagine, re-invent, re-cruit’

So you have used HireVue to receive resumes from job seekers. But you would receive around 100 resumes for one job opening. While some of these resumes would be from able candidates, a major chunk of them would be coming from individuals not suitable for the job. Now, going through all these resumes and then finding out suitable candidates is a brain-wrecking process. Have no fear when your iPhone provides you with Jobscience. This mobile app for recruiters enables applicant tracking capabilities in your mobile phone. Once resumes are obtained from the candidates, this app instantly goes through all of them and selects the suitable candidates for recruiters. So, have no more fear about choosing the wrong person for a job opening. After all, every job opening requires a superstar and Jobscience promises on providing you with that super star.


Monster.com and Naukri.com could be free job search portals for job seekers. However, it involves a lot of money for companies to access these sites. And for the same reason, Google has now come up with a mobile application through which recruiters can search for prospective candidates. This mobile app presents a graphical interface to search for candidates, providing an easy-to-use interface as well as appropriate results. This mobile app has made the hiring process easier for recruiters, who otherwise has to use tough boolean search strings to find candidates. This video shows the steps involved in searching for a candidate using Google. This video also informs job seekers of the ways in which they can make their resume visible through this method.


This mobile app for recruiters helps in better time management and organizational skills. Or it could be used by recruiters with too many meetings and schedules to remember. ‘Tungle’ is just like your To-do list, which helps you manage and organize your schedules and meetings. The process is extremely simple- the mobile app sends an invite to the candidate, the candidate either accepts it or rejects it, and, if the candidate accepts the invite, an update is created in both the recruiter’s as well as the candidate’s calendar. This mobile app, like Google Power Search, is not exclusive for iPhone users.


I remember my father had a thick business card holder, which had atleast 80 cards! He would walk around with that huge book (if I may call it that), everytime he had a meeting with a client. Now, in this technologically driven world, all you need to exchange business cards is the ‘beamMe’ app. This app, though not a blessing only for recruiters, definitely deserves a place in this article as it is the simple and stylish way of exchanging cards. This mobile app enables anyone to create a vCard, with the basic information of name, contact and a photograph. This card can be sent to anyone of your choice, with a custom message, either through email, mobile number or through a direct message in Twitter. This vCard can be downloaded by the recipient through a secure website. This app also enables you to track your cards and view the history.

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