I remember waiting at the gates of my home, waiting for the postman to deliver my best friend’s letter. The postman seemed like Santa Claus for me, delivering my gift in the form of the colourful and neatly written letter. No email or telephone calls matched up to the excitement, love and magic one felt through the hand-written letters. The magic created by art is often compared to the magic of hand-written letters. And though conventional methods of painting, charcoal art and sculpture making have never failed to impress us, artists too have found their creative genre of interactive art installation.

Art has always been influenced by technology and cultural change. Google’s DevArt exhibition is a new addition to this platform where artists create art using code and technology. Be it the Wishing Wall created by Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet or Béatrice Lartigue and Cyril Diagne’s baby Mr Kalia, all of these artists have brought about a change in how we, as common man, perceive art. Earlier art was all about creating something you could see and touch. Now art has been a means to play with as well. Here are 5 more interactive artists who have played with technology and codes to create amazing art pieces.


I have often thought about the concept of mirror images. How amazing is it to stand infront of the mirror and see an exact replica of yourself, copy the exact movements as yours. Well, IRIS, designed by HYBE Studios, has maintained the same logic. This interactive media canvas uses a monochrome LCD which measures 90 feet by 10 feet and requires minimum amount of electricity for operation. Through the opening and closing of circular black liquid crystals, this art can create various patterns and can also control the amount of light passing through it. This installation is not just an interactive and interesting piece of art, it also boasts of being environmentally friendly. As soon as the visitor approaches the art, a mirror image is projected and the interactive aspect comes into being. Henceforth, any movement made by the visitor is projected by the mirror image as well.


Ever felt that you were too old to play on swings? Designers Mouna Andraos and Melissa Mongiat has provided you the opportunity to play on swings, no matter what your age is through this interactive art. Want more from this art? Well, how about making music along with playing on these swings? Yes, that is what these 21 swings do on the busy streets of Montreal. This interactive art was made to encourage people to enjoy some peace on these swings after a busy and tiring day of work. Every swing had a pre-recorded sound from piano notes or the xylophone and when all 21 swings were used together, a better song was created. Next time you visit Montreal, don’t forget to go back to your younger days by swinging away to glory.


Imagine if your office had a recreation centre with rotating chairs. Thomas Heatherwick’s ‘Spun’ chair lets all you grown-ups have some fun time by rotating on this chair. This art installation has taken furniture designing to a whole new level and is definitely a boost for all the furniture designers out there. This interactive art installation was put together to celebrate the opening of the London Design Week, but has fast gained some fan following.


Imagine if you had told your friends you spoke to Mona Lisa and asked her what happened to her eyebrows. Or if you had told them you spoke to the disciples of The Last Supper. Well, no more will you be called someone with mental instability as the ALive Art Gallery in Seoul now enables visitors to talk to the works of art. This interactive art, created using modern technology, was built to help visitors appreciate old pieces of art better. Studies also show that these nteractive digital presentations have helped young students concentrate better. So very soon you could be talking to Jesus Christ and getting answers on your questions from the God himself!


Google has been quite frequent in promoting interactive art lately and ‘The Exquisite Forest’ definitely deserves a spot in this list. Remember those story telling sessions in school, where the teacher would say a sentence and each student would have to add on with one more sentence making it a complete story? Well, that is the inspiration and beginning of this interactive art. This art, supported on Google Chrome, asks users to create stories using an online drawing tool. Several seed trees have already been planted and every drawing and sentence from users will help this tree to grow. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and create your own story to help widen the branches of the tree.

Here are few other interactive art pieces, created using technology, that are worth watching and learning from.

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