Internet has essentially changed the way we window shop and buy products. Mid 2000’s I used to be excited to be in a mall and check out different products. I now find that window shopping on Amazon or BestBuy is equally exciting. Adding to it, mobile has made it even more easier. However, off-late, more than anything videos influence my decision. I go through right from unboxing videos to reviews before arriving at a decision. I am sure I am not alone in this club. This phenomenon in e-commerces buying is garnering steam quickly.

Online customer service with a human touch

Online customer service with a human touch

Many E-commerce websites have already taken this phenomenon seriously and made few changes & additions. We at 1Click, however, believe that there is still more than enough room for video to penetrate in the e-commerce domain. Here are 3 things that will happen as you integrate 1Click into your e-commerce.

Shady Written Reviews, No More

Every e-commerce website and internet on the whole has been flooded with fraudulent written reviews. Even a rookie e-commerce user now knows it. A video containing personal opinions however, cannot be manipulated easily. Video is much more authentic, personable and believable way to deliver a review. These reviews have more authenticity than traditional written reviews as they’re no longer posted by faceless people. Attention span of typical shopper will extend if they’re watching a video as against to reading one.

By integrating 1Click into your e-commerce website you can enable customers to review the product right on the website and also let people discuss “LIVE” about the product. Great thing about all this is that you can do this without adding or building any infrastructure. Cloud-based, 1Click takes care of all your video infrastructure needs.

More Product Details

Video reviews include more information compared to a written blurb. Why? Because it is a lot more fun & easy to record yourself and talk about something you love or hate. Also, in many cases the reviewer actually held the product while recording their video. This allows us to see the product’s size, color and shape, which provides a unique and valuable perspective compared to a simple picture. Video opens up a lot more ways to showcase your creativity and innovation.

Don’t Just Chat. Talk

A big area that is rapidly being adopted in Online Customer Service is using online videos. Pre-recorded videos on general questions can help your company reduce it’s support costs by avoiding a call to the call centre with a more visual representation of solution to common problems. For major retailers live video chat can help improve online sales, reduce cart abandonment, and develop better customer loyalty.

Revolutionize the way you treat and help your customers with 1Click. With a single click your customers are in a video call with customer reps, discussing & resolving their issues. Customer stays in the browser & website. It’s frictionless. There’s information. There’s continuity. This enhances the entire brand value and strengthens the emotional bond between the company and customers.

Integrate 1Click and take your E-commerce to next level.

E-commerce war is still going hot in India ensure you have the best weapon in your sheath. Check out our features.

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