A live video chat is the one-stop solution for all businesses to maintain a healthy relationship with their customers. And like I mentioned in a previous article, the success key behind every successful business or entrepreneur is a happy and satisfied customer. And for this very reason, choosing the best live video chat from the big box of numerous options, is of utmost importance.

The features of the various live chat softwares is what makes one different from the other. And one very important feature that differentiates a good live video chat from the others is the installation process. Any business or entrepreneur is looking for a live video chat that can be easily installed and integrated with the rest of the software. Here are few of the installation characteristics of 1Click’s live video chat that makes it different from the others.


Once a business incorporates with a live video chat, they expect the software to be easily integrated with the system. A complicated and tedious setup process is a definite turn off for companies. 1Click’s live video chat, though, ensures an easy setup with absolutely no complicated installation codes and lengthy download processes. The live video chat is completely plug-in free and is completely compliant with any HTML5 browser, like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. So now, the IT guys in companies do not have to worry about the complicated setup process of a live video chat. 1Click ensures quick and easy setup of its live video chat.



“Will the chat software work on my Samsung phone as well as my Mac?” Well yes, 1Click’s live video chat is completely ubiquitous and works well on almost all major browsers and mobile platforms, with an exception of Internet Explorer as it is fully compliant with HTML5. However, the live video chat is completely compliant with both Android as well as iOS, making it fully functional on almost all mobile phones.


CRM or Customer Relationship Management is every businesses best friend. It is the location for businesses to store every data about every customer. This information is accessible in real time to everyone in the company. A live video chat integrating with a CRM software makes life a lot easier for businesses. 1Click’s live video chat is integrated with the best CRM software in the industry. It is integrated with Salesforce and Zoho CRM, both considered to be the Kings in the CRM industry. This integration helps businesses improve customer support and humanize client management and customer relations.

A live chat solution is as it is, a life-saviour for businesses. But a live video chat that can easily be installed into your system is definitely an added advantage, and that is what 1Click provides you with.