Customer Relationship Management

Business’ owners, CEOs and marketing directors have often had meetings on how to manage their large number of customers and clients. What started as telephonic conversations and Excel worksheets, has now grown to the use of highly sophisticated customer relationship management softwares, or CRM softwares. Now you wouldn’t want to buy an expensive CRM software and not know how to integrate it with your website would you? Here is a guide on how to integrate few CRM softwares with your website. But first, let’s explain what CRM integration is.


In simple language, CRM integration is the process of building your website and CRM software to function together without any hassles. When a company buys a CRM software, it initially works as a system that stores and saves customer information based on what employees feed into it. However, if business’ integrate the CRM software along with its website, it doubles he work time of the CRM software and valuable customer information is automatically added to the customer relationship management software. CRM integration also increases sales process as business’ can understand the time when the customer visited the site, what the customer browsed through and the information requested by the customer. Hence, it is always a better option to integrate the customer relationship management software with the website.


Once business’ decide to integrate a CRM software along with their website, there are few points to think through before the process of integration is started. Here are few points to keep in mind before integrating a CRM software with the website.

– First to the easiest and least forgotten point. Just like how the tech employees think about the coding system before integrating any software to a website, the IT staffs should think through the coding issues before s/he starts the process of integrating a CRM software to a website. However, for some customer relationship management softwares

– No matter how intelligent your tech guy is, every person is bound to have few doubts and questions related to a CRM software. It is always advisable to take part in the live Demo and get the doubts cleared before integrating the CRM system. It is also advisable to ask about other successful integrations during the live Demo.

– Every CRM software provides its companies with few references. It is always advisable to contact those references to avoid making similar mistakes or to find out about issues that you wouldn’t have thought about.


Almost all of the big CRM softwares, like Salesforce and sugarCRM have in-built modules which make installation and easy process. However, for smaller customer relationship management softwares, a custom application program interface (API) is required. Though this isn’t a bad option, the process could take a longer time. Each CRM software has a different method of integration.

In some customer relationship management softwares, such as Dynamic CRM software, integration is done using a product called eConnect. This product enables a website’s frontend application to feed data into the organization. To start with the integration process, an employee who is familiar with Microsoft applications and languages has to first work on the programming. These applications include .NET, ASP and Visual Basic. Once the programming is done and the software is configured, the website integration becomes a success. Once the website integration is done, employees can obtain relevant data from inside Microsoft Office products, like Word and Excel. Hence, nothing else needs to be installed or configured to receive relevant data from this CRM software.

For some other CRM softwares like Zoho, there is a Zoho Service Communication key, which enables employees to configure the import of accounts and contacts from the CRM software. The ZSC key is obtained once the employee logs in to the software and clicks on Setup>Developer Space>Zoho Service Communication key. Once this key is obtained, the employee should click on Setup>Others>Integrations>Zoho CRM integration and then save it to complete the process. This will automatically lead you to the import modules page from where the relevant modules can be imported to the Zoho Support.

However for Salesforce, which is considered the industry leader, the CRM software itself has developed a simple, user friendly interface. Hence customers don’t have to struggle with complicated codes or product updates. Hence, it all depends on the CRM software used by business’. While some CRM softwares require mingling with heavily complicated codes, others are provided to companies in a platter.

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