Co-browsing software is the up and coming, next big online craze. It is a software using which two people can access the same screen even though they may be miles apart. The same screen could be a web page,  digital document or mobile application. There are many ways through which people can co-browse together. They could do it using computers, tablets or even smartphones. People co-browsing together can communicate with one another with functionalities like ‘click-to view’ or ‘click-to-call’. Most free co-browsing software online comes with a variety of features such as co-scrolling, co-filling, control-switching etc. However, some features, like analytics and live annotations, may not be available in some free co-browsing software.

There are many free co-browsing software available online. They are easily available and provide quite a few useful features for no cost at all.


Applications of Co-browsing:

  1. It can be used by online businesses and e-commerce websites to help customers through live video customer service.
  2. A group of friends can use it to just casually co-browse together.
  3. It can be used for teaching.

Customer service/support is one sector in which co-browsing has become really popular. When combined along with a live customer service software, co-browsing has helped improve the average customers shopping experience tremendously. This is because it overcomes the one major drawback of online shopping – the inability to drive a sale towards the website.

This was because online stores/e-commerce websites lacked the human touch which was experienced by customers when shopping in person. This led to people giving up on their shopping carts midway through their shopping as they didn’t have anyone to explain the product to them or help them make the proper choice.

Co-browsing overcomes the one major drawback of online shopping – the inability to drive a sale towards the website.

But that’s not a problem anymore. Now, the agent and the customer can co-navigate the page together. Co-browsing has made it possible to reduce the time spent on customer support hence making time available for other important matters. The number of abandoned shopping carts has also reduced drastically, and the customers are much more happier and satisfied.

Another great thing about co-browsing is that it is compatible across different Operating Systems and web browsers. Also, there is no threat of a customer’s personal information getting stolen as secure fields are not transmitted over a co-browsing session.



1. Slow internet speeds are not going to be a problem:

Co-browsing will work just fine even though your internet speeds may be low. A customer can have a satisfactory co-browsing session, even though he/she has low internet speeds.

2. Co-browsing guarantees privacy:

Unlike screen sharing, secure fields are not transmitted over a co-browsing session. Therefore all the personal data entered by a customer, like passwords and Personal Identification Numbers etc are safe and cannot be seen by anyone else.

3. It’s simple!

Co-browsing is also very easy to use. There are no complications that come up during the session.


Free Co-Browsing Software Available Online:

1.     Unblu:



Unblu offers page pushing, co-scrolling and co-filling. Co-filling is a feature of co-browsing in which the agent, while co-browsing with the customer, can fill in some of the personal details of the customer already known to him. Example: The customer’s name, e-mail ID and the company he works for. The control of the session can be switched from the agent to the end user. Unblu also offers text chat to go along with their co-browsing session. However, they do not have live annotations need to highlight necessary fields.   Unblu offers a special feature called document sharing in which it is possible to share a document over the co-browsing session.

Unblu Co-browsing


Unblu offers a free version with 1 agent. However, analytics  are not included in the free package. Prices start from $10 a month/agent with a minimum annual commitment of $600.


2.    1CLICK



1CLICK is probably the best of the bunch. It has a huge user-base, superb call quality and excellent video clarity. It’s co-browsing feature can direct customers to other pages, co-scroll along with the customer and even fill forms for him (Co-filling). It also provides session control, text chat and live annotations to highlight parts of the screen. Live annotations help make the whole co-browsing experience easier and convenient as the customer doesn’t have to look around searching for what the agent is talking about.

1CLICK’s co-browsing interface.

1CLICK’s strongest point is that it does not limit the user’s experience even if the user has chosen to go with a free plan. All of 1CLICK’s features are provided. This includes co-browsing, screen sharing, analytics, text chat, recording. A free plan is available that provides 300 minutes and 500 MB of data per month. If that isn’t enough for clients, then there are other upgrades which start from $19.99 per agent per month.


3.    Channel.me


Channel.me’s Mascots

Channel.me, much like the others discussed above has mostly the same features. Page pushing, co-scrolling, co-filling, session control and the likes. It also has a text chat service which makes it easier to communicate with if for some reason co-browsing is unavailable.

Channel.me’s Co-Browsing Interface

It allows for live annotations in its co-browsing session, which improves the customer’s co-browsing experience. Channel.me offers clients a 14 day free trial. After that it’s 50$ per month per agent.

Do try out the above software and let us know what you think in the comments below!