A video call is now becoming an accepted mode of communication for a multitude of businesses across the globe. We have come up with a few video call etiquette (if that’s what you want to call it!) which will help you avoid Dilbert moments.

Awesome Ambiance

Attending the meeting from home doesn’t mean you use your tablet or phone and get into a video call right from bed! So get out of bed, dress well (pants are optional!), turn down the blaring music and settle comfortably in a chair (like you would in your boardroom) before your meeting. If you are planning to have a live chat support when you are outdoors, find a quiet spot.

Shun Social Sites

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and your entire social media bandwagon will fall apart if you don’t check them every half an hour! We totally get it! But hey, you are in the middle of a business interaction! Social media sites can be checked once you are over with your video call.

Dilbert video call

Source: Dilbert Comics

Dump Discomfort

SMILE, you are on camera! Your hair looks fine, your clothes are perfect and the camera is not by the keyboard! If you are new to video calling, the discomfort is understandable. But there is no need to sit in front of the screen like a zombie! Relax! Maintain your eye level with the camera and in turn with the person you are talking to.

Trick Time

“Thou shalt be available for a video call, 10 minutes ahead of time!” That will avoid a lot of rush and avoid you looking completely flustered. You can clear your mind before getting into the meeting.

Smooth Speech

So, basically you need to totally like, um avoid this kind of language! It literally (which is another one of those sloppy words!) is a conversation killer. Try to keep your talk simple and to the point. It is a business interaction after all.


Magic Mute

Typically in a video call with more than three participants, there is bound to be a lot of time when you will not be talking. During this time use the magic button called MUTE. We don’t want your Tommy’s barking as the background score for the video!

Click. Camera. Call

Before beginning your business interaction make sure your microphone and camera are in working condition. Camera, check. Mic, check. Ambiance, check. Yay! You are all set to place a video call.